13 Best Water Toys for Summer

13 Best Water Toys for Summer

Say hello to summertime! It’s finally that time of the year when outdoor fun feels even more fun. And if you want to find a way for your kid to cool off and play at the same time, what you need are the best water toys for summer. There are thousands of toys to choose from, but I’ve done the hard work and handpicked the best options on the market. I let my kid use some of them, and it’s safe to say that he had a blast. From slides to sprinklers, the toys below are a great way for my little one to spend his time in the backyard. So, without further ado, let’s check out every single toy I’ve picked!

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Hasbro Twister Splash


Nothing screams water toy like Hasbro Twister Splash! Just like the classic Twister, to play this game, kids have to put their hands and feet determined by the spinner. However, if some spots are missed, they’ll be sprayed with water. It’s a fun and totally safe game your kid can enjoy with their buddies.

During testing, my kid was probably the loudest one. Because the surface is a bit slippery, it gives kids more challenges. Also, it doesn’t take long to start the fun. All you have to do is connect the twister mat to a hose and it’ll be filled with water in a minute.


  • It’s a simple but fun game all kids can enjoy.
  • I love how quick and easy the setup is.
  • It’s affordable.


  • Smaller kids have to be careful of the slippery surface.

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Max Liquidator Water Blaster Set


Perfect for family gatherings where there are tons of kids, the Max Liquidator Water Blaster Set will keep the kids entertained all day long. This set has six different foam water blasters. Each of them is a little over one foot. Once loaded with water, they can shoot water up to 30 feet away, which is really far.

Even when loaded, the blasters are pretty lightweight. My kid was able to carry it around with ease during testing. Better yet, they all float in the water! However, when not in use, always remember to fully drain them and let them dry properly.


  • This set has six water blasters.
  • Each of them is lightweight and designed to float in water.
  • Easy and fun to use.


  • The internal seal is pretty fragile.

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Nuby Floating Purple Octopus


Best for Bathtub. With the Nuby Floating Purple Octopus, your kid will finally have a bathtub companion! There are tons of reasons why we love this toy. For one, it’s made from durable BPA and is latex-free. In addition to that, it comes complete with three hoop rings, so kids can try tossing it into the tentacles. Though I have to admit, even I had a hard time tossing them from a distance.

Also, as the name suggests, this purple cutie floats. That way, if you happen to bring it to the swimming pool, you won’t be able to lose it as it can’t drown. Besides the octopus, the rings float as well. Best of all, it’s one of the most fun and affordable toys out there.


  • Though soft and flexible, this octopus is durable.
  • It comes complete with three floating rings.
  • It’s extremely affordable.


  • The brand doesn’t sell replacement rings.

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Jasonwell Unicorn Sprinkler


Most Adorable. You may already have a couple of sprinklers at home. However, I’m pretty sure you don’t have a supersized sprinkler. Enter the Jasonwell Unicorn Sprinkler! This is an inflatable 6-foot unicorn that can shoot water out of its horn. Pretty cool, isn’t it? My kid surely was impressed by it, and it reminded him of his birthday party.

Unfortunately, this unicorn sprinkler doesn’t come with a pump. However, I appreciate that it has double valves that can help speed up the setup process. Also, there are ground stakes to keep the unicorn from flying! Last but not least, this big toy is also available in an even larger variant, which measures 9 feet.


  • It’s a cute sprinkler that kids will definitely love.
  • There are four stakes to keep the unicorn in place.
  • It can be used for many occasions.


  • It doesn’t include a pump.

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Intex Giant Gator


Don’t worry; this gator won’t bite! The Intex Giant Gator may look scary, but it’s actually a super fun toy. This ride-on toy is a nice gift for your kid if they can already swim. I was initially surprised by how big it was. This gator is 45 inches wide and 80 inches long, making it big enough for two or even three kids to float together.

For extra safety, this toy comes complete with four plastic handles. Fret not, as they’re comfortable to hold and extra durable. And though it doesn’t come with a pump, it does come with a patch kit. So, if it leaks, you don’t have to panic. Also, it’s super affordable!


  • The vinyl material enhances the product’s durability.
  • It includes a repair kit.
  • Because of its size, it can easily accommodate several kids.


  • It took me a while to fully inflate the gator.

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SUNNY & FUN Inflatable Water Park


Best Premium. If you don’t mind spending hundreds of dollars, then you should take a look at the SUNNY & FUN Inflatable Water Park! This is nothing like the rest, though. This water park offers the ultimate outdoor experience. As you can see from the picture below, this water park includes a climbing wall, water slide, and pool. This fancy park was able to keep my boy busy and happy for hours.

Unlike some inflatable toys, this one is thoughtful enough to also include a pump. However, you have to keep it plugged in so this water park can stay inflated. What about the slide? Well, the slide is made for 3 to 10-year-old kids. Also, this water park can accommodate up to 350 lbs, which should be enough to accommodate around three kids.


  • This water park comes with a free air pump.
  • There are stakes to help keep the water park secured on the ground.
  • It can accommodate three kids at a time.


  • It’s a bit hard to store.

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Float-EEZ Swimming Pool Hoop


If your kid loves basketball, why not introduce them to Float-EEZ Swimming Pool Hoop? This toy lets them have fun playing their favorite sport even in the water. Once inflated, this toy will be 40 inches tall and have 4 chambers. According to my testing, I found the hoop to be big and sturdy enough for most kids.

Don’t worry, as you can see from the picture below, this water toy also comes complete with a basketball. And even though it’s specifically made for kids, we’re sure you’ll also have fun playing this with your kid. At least I did! And since the hoop keeps floating and moving around the water, it makes the game more challenging.


  • This pool hoop comes with a basketball.
  • Inflating this toy is nothing but a breeze.
  • It’s surprisingly not expensive.


  • Some people may not like the fact that it doesn’t have an anchor and keeps floating around.

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BEFANS Reusable Water Balls


BEFANS Reusable Water Balls have to be some of the most innovative water toys ever! They allow kids to enjoy the fun of water balloons minus the pops. Yes, as the name implies, these water balls are basically small poms-poms that are designed to absorb water and get wet. But once they’re thrown and hit someone, they won’t pop and create a mess.

When I showed them to my kid, he immediately loved them. One of the reasons why was probably because they’re available in six vibrant colors, each of which has 10 balls. In addition to that, I also love the fact that a mesh bag is included.


  • These balls can be washed and dried easily.
  • They’re cheap and can be used for snowball fights, too.
  • Wet or dry, they always offer plenty of fun both indoors and outdoors.


  • There’s only a multicolor pack.

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Melissa & Doug Pretty Petals Sprinkler


What we have here is Melissa & Doug Pretty Petals Sprinkler, a fun way to play with water outdoors. With 12 flower squirters, I’m sure your kid will have their new favorite summer water toy. Based on my experience, the setup process was nothing challenging. It was simple and easy, which I was thankful for. As long as you have a garden hose, you’re all good.

So, who is this for? According to the official website, this sprinkler is designed for preschoolers or kids ages three to five. The water pressure is strong enough to shoot the water up but won’t hurt or scare your little one. Let your kid have fun with this sprinkler this summer!


  • This toy has a lightweight and compact design.
  • Though small, it’s surprisingly durable.
  • The water won’t hurt kids.


  • Taller kids may feel the water doesn’t shoot high enough.

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Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool


Cheap and fun, who can say no to Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool? Kids who want to beat the summer heat and play with after will definitely love this pool. First of all, I like the size of this pool. Only 34 inches wide, it doesn’t take up too much space but is big enough for most kids. My three-year-old had a lot of fun!

Also, because of its size, it was easy for me to take this pool to the beach. Better yet, I didn’t need any help in inflating and deflating the pool. Plus, it’s a very versatile toy. When not used as a baby pool, you can use it as a ball pit indoors! And speaking of pools, you should also read our list of the best swimming pool floats for babies and kids!


  • This pool can hold up to 18 gallons of water.
  • The bottom of the pool is also inflated, making it comfortable for kids.
  • The sides are tall enough for most kids.


  • It doesn’t come with a pump.

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Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table


Best Table Game. Ideal for babies and toddlers, the Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table is one of the best water toys for summer. It’s a fun and simple-to-play toy. This toy consists of two levels, and my kid had a lot of fun watching it fall from the top to the bottom tier. Also, it’s big enough that multiple kids can play together at once.

This water toy is simply amazing. It can hold up to 5 gallons of water and comes complete with 13 accessories. From a strainer to spinners, you name it. Another thing that we like is how easy it is to clean this toy. All we had to do was to drain and wipe it with just a dry cloth. Pretty effortless, right? Learn more about this toy by watching its YouTube video!


  • With a two-tier design, it has a rain shower effect.
  • It’s big enough to be played by multiple kids.
  • It comes complete with accessories.


  • Kids may have a hard time assembling it by themselves.

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Fubbles No-Spill Big Bubble Bucket


Who on Earth doesn’t like bubbles? Even as adults, we love bubbles, let alone the kids! This is why we include the Fubbles No-Spill Big Bubble Bucket. Honestly, whoever invented this toy deserves an award. This toy gives kids the satisfaction of playing with bubbles minus the spills. It can hold up to 20 oz of solution and even when you accidentally tip it over, it won’t spill.

Also, I love the size of this toy. At almost 12 inches tall, it’s super compact, making it the perfect toy to bring to the beach and pool. Not to mention, it comes complete with three bubble wands in different shades. However, you should get the bubble solution separately.


  • This toy allows kids to enjoy bubbles without spilling.
  • It’s compact and perfect for the beach and pool.
  • Can be enjoyed by babies, toddlers, and older kids.


  • The bubble solution isn’t included.

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SplashEZ Splash Pad


Best Overall. Among all of the water toys available on the market, nothing can beat the SplashEZ Splash Pad! This is the perfect choice to enjoy the summer in the yard. First of all, this splash pad is big enough to accommodate a few kids. Heck, during testing, I decided to join the fun with my kid and it was even big enough for an adult like me.

“This splash pad is perfect for kids. The water is shallow, and I love how the sprinkles aren’t too strong. My kid has used it twice and judging from his screams and smiles, he sure had lots of fun.”


Additionally, this splash pad is extremely easy to use. All you need is an outdoor hose and you’re all set. The water will fill the pad’s rim and turn on the sprinklers. Also, it’s available in multiple different designs. If the A-to-Z variant doesn’t excite your kid, maybe the Jungle or Sea World one will.


  • The sprinkle height is easily adjustable.
  • There’s plenty of room for a few kids.
  • It’s a nice choice to spend your time with your kid outdoors.


  • You should note that it doesn’t include a repair kit.

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Our Verdict!

Considering the price tag, safety, and fun it offers, I think the SplashEZ Splash Pad is the best overall water toy. However, depending on your kid’s preferences, the rest are equally amazing. That’s why I’ve categorized some of them according to the following criteria!

How To Choose The Best Water Toys for Summer

When choosing the best water toy, there are some important features to always consider, which include:

Age recommendation

As you may already know, every toy has a different recommended age, which is based on the safety levels. Before choosing which water toy to get for your kid, make sure to check the manufacturer’s guide. Toys that are designed for older kids probably can’t be enjoyed by toddlers, and vice versa.


Depending on what water toy you’re getting, it can be made from materials like rubber, vinyl, or plastic. But one thing is for sure, and that’s to always keep the water toy dry when not in use. That way, you’ll prevent mold from building up and preserve the toy’s durability.


Last but not least, make sure the toy you want to give your kid is safe for them. One of the ways to do this is by making sure the toy is age appropriate. Also, you can prevent accidents by closely monitoring your kid when they’re playing outdoors with the toy.

Why do kids like playing in the water?

According to Romper, kids love to play in the water as it’s a great way to stimulate their senses, especially the senses of sight, sound, and touch.

What are some water toys?

There are plenty of water toys that can keep kids busy and entertained. Some of the most popular options include sprinklers and inflatable pools. For inspiration, you can take a look at my picks above!

What should I buy my child to play outside?

Well, this depends on what your kid likes. There are so many fun and innovative toys to choose from, but you have to make sure what kind of toy can excite your kid.

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