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‘As a mama I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. I forget things. I lose my cool. And some days I go a little crazy. But, it’s okay because in the end, no one could ever love my child the way I do.’

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I’ve never loved anybody the way I love my children

“Taking care of children is about feeding, clothing, and caring for our kids, but we all wish we could give them so much more! If I could give my child three things, it would be the confidence to always know their self-worth, the strength to follow their dreams, and the ability to know how truly, deeply loved they are. Without my children, my house would be clean, my wallet would be full, and my heart would be empty.”
–Jude Law

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Ashley Silverstein

The greatest gift I can give to my children is my time, my love, and my attention

Raising my kids is my choice. Sometimes I give up things or go without for them. I don’t regret it. My life is and always will be for my children no matter how big they get. They haven’t ruined my life; they have given me a whole new view on the meaning of life. I couldn’t love them more than I already do.”

“And she loved a little boy very much, even more than she loved herself.”


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Ashley Silverstein

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18 Nov 2021

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