13 Best Tennis Bags for Kids

13 Best Tennis Bags For Kids

Tennis bags for kids are generally easier to choose as you’re not looking at anything that is too fancy or professional. Most parents look out for bags that are not only functional but also colorful and appealing. However, one of the most important things to consider with tennis bags for kids is the level of comfort that the bag offers. With small kids, it’s best to invest in a good tennis backpack rather than a shoulder bag as balance and comfort are essential. Lugging a heavy shoulder bag around can cause more harm than good to a kid, no matter how professional the bag looks.

Features To Consider In Tennis Bags For Kids

Tennis bags for kids are usually colorful and easy to spot. However, older kids who are getting a little more serious about the game may prefer something more professional-looking. While the color is a personal choice, the style for kids’ tennis bags is quite standard with common features.

Type And Portability

Tennis bags fit into four main categories :

  • Shoulder racquet bag
  • Tennis duffle bag
  • Backpack
  • Tote

While the duffle bag is one of the preferred choices of adults, younger players would rather carry a backpack or a regular racquet bag. A tote is generally the preferred choice for women or older girls. However, as we stated earlier, a backpack is the ideal tennis bag for kids as it protects them from injury. It’s easier to find a backpack that fits a younger player than a small racquet bag, as racquet bags come in a standard size.

Size And Storage

Nowadays most tennis backpacks have a dedicated compartment that can hold up to two racquets which is more than sufficient for a junior. While many bags have a separate compartment for shoes, the tennis bags for smaller kids don’t have this feature. They usually have a racquet compartment and another main compartment for extras, plus side pockets.

If your kid only needs the bag for practice sessions, a small backpack is more than sufficient for a water bottle, towel, and snacks. For an older kid, a backpack that has a separate ventilated compartment for shoes is a good idea.


When choosing a tennis bag for a young kid or the best tennis bags for girls, construction and fabric are important. Something durable is better than something fancy as young children are generally more carefree with their belongings. Durable fabrics such as canvas, rip-free polyester, or any higher grade polyester are good options. Also, make sure to test the quality and maneuverability of the zippers.


For a young kid, comfort is the most important thing to consider. A bag that is too big will hang low and not be comfortable to carry around. Adjustable, padded straps are an advantage as they can be adjusted to the child’s height. If you are planning on getting a racquet bag for an older kid, make sure that it is lightweight and has grab handles too.

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Head Kids Novak Djokovic Racquet Backpack


One of the most popular tennis bags for kids is the HEAD Kids Novak Djokovic Racquet Backpack. This backpack is perfect for a little tennis player who is just starting out. The vibrant colors are attractive and sure to impress your little one.

There’s enough space on this bag to accommodate accessories such as shoes, snacks, and a towel. It has a separate racquet compartment that can hold just one racquet which is more than sufficient for a young beginner. The padded back straps make it comfortable to carry around.


  • Spacious
  • Padded back straps
  • Colorful
  • Sturdy construction


  • No separate pocket for water bottle

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Hello Kitty GO! Tennis Backpack


A spacious interior and exterior storage make the Hello Kitty GO! Tennis Backpack one of the best tennis bags for kids. If you combine the bag with the Hello Kitty tennis racquet, you’re sure to hit the right notes with a young child. Glitter screen graphics on a bright pink and blue are sure to get the attention of your budding player.

The interior pocket is spacious enough for a few extras like shoes and a towel, while the exterior accessories pocket is perfect for smaller items. The bag also has a mesh side pocket for a water bottle and a hook to hang the bag. The racquet pocket is big enough for one small racquet.


  • Sturdy, cute bag
  • Perfect for a young child between 5-10
  • Enough storage space
  • Mesh pocket on the side for water bottle


  • We couldn’t find much to fault in this cute little bag. Be careful with the straps though, they may just rip if handled roughly

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Babolat Essential Classic Club Backpack


Given its sturdy construction, the Babolat Essential Classic Club Backpack is one of the best tennis bags for kids. This bag is probably suited to slightly bigger kids as it holds up to two racquets. A great feature of the racquet compartment is that it has a cover for the handle which will protect the grip.

There is more than enough storage for accessories with this bag as the main compartment is quite spacious. Added to this are two accessory pockets in front. The backpack comes with padded, adjustable backpack straps and a grab handle on top which makes it comfortable to carry around. Another great feature of this unisex bag is the variety of colors to choose from.


  • Spacious and sturdy
  • Two accessory pockets on the front
  • Racquet compartment with cover for the handle
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • No side pocket for water bottle
  • More expensive than similar-sized bags

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Alien Pro Lightweight Tennis Sling Backpack


Another great looking tennis bag for kids is the Alien Pro Lightweight Tennis Sling Backpack. The stylish design on this backpack makes it a great choice for slightly older kids who are just starting out. It doesn’t accommodate too much so it won’t suit players who carry a lot to the court. However, it’s one of the most lightweight and convenient tennis bags for kids.

You can comfortably fit a tennis racquet into the designated compartment while the main compartment is big enough for a change of clothes and towels. The bag is easy to clean as its made from durable waterproof canvas fibers. Smooth, lockable zippers make it easy to open and close. It’s a great bag that can double up as a school bag or a hiking backpack for kids.


  • Stylish sling design
  • Constructed from durable waterproof fibers
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used as a multipurpose bag


  • The strap might be a bit too long for a seven or eight-year-old
  • No separate pocket for a water bottle

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Marvel 1601 Spider-Man Tennis Backpack


Tiny Spider-Man fans will love the Marvel 1601 Spider-Man Tennis Backpack. This snazzy looking bag with its rugged nylon construction is one of the more popular tennis bags for kids. It’s the perfect size for a small kid and won’t hang too low. Kids will probably love the bag so much, they’ll want to take it to school too.

The dedicated racquet compartment on the front can accommodate up to two racquets. There is a pocket on the exterior that can fit small accessories. The main pocket is spacious enough for larger essentials. You’ll also find an interior pocket for valuables. Single/dual shoulder configuration gives the kid flexible carrying options.


  • Good looking bag, perfect for Spider-Man fans
  • Can accommodate two racquets
  • Rugged nylon construction
  • Mesh pocket on the side for water bottle
  • Single/dual shoulder configuration for flexible carrying


  • The water bottle net is a little small

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Klau Tennis Bag


When picking out tennis bags for kids, one thing that stands out is the color. Kids love designs and colors, and that is what the Klau Tennis Racquet Backpack has. You can choose from five interesting colors to pick one that your kid will love. However, the bag is a little bigger so it may not sit well on a smaller kid.

This is not a full-sized tennis bag so it’s better suited to a beginner or a recreational player. It can hold up to two rackets and a few small extras. The side pockets are good enough for a water bottle and tennis balls. A detachable shoulder strap allows the bag to be used as a single shoulder or a double shoulder backpack. Constructed from 800 sport nylon fabric, this waterproof and abrasion-resistant bag is quite durable.


  • Made from durable 800 sport nylon fabric
  • Two side pockets for water bottle and tennis balls
  • Detachable shoulder strap gives flexible carrying options


  • A bit too compact
  • The zipper tends to break easily

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Ame & Lulu Little Love Tennis Backpack


Your little girl will love the Ame & Lulu Little Love Tennis Backpack with its vibrant design. This tennis backpack is perfect for four to eight-year-olds. Little kids will have no issues carrying this bag around as it’s the perfect fit. There’s also a slightly bigger version of this bag, the Big Love Tennis Backpack.

Two racquets fit into the dedicated racquet compartment while the main compartment is spacious enough for extras. There are two exterior side pockets, convenient for a water bottle, and a canister of tennis balls. While this nylon bag ticks the boxes for functionality and style, it’s quite heavily priced for a tennis bag for small kids.


  • Choice of colors
  • Fits two racquets
  • Padded, adjustable straps
  • Durable
  • Two side pockets


  • Quite expensive

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LISH Game Point Tennis Backpack


Older kids will love the functionality and style of the LISH Game Point Tennis Backpack. So if you’re looking out for the best tennis bags for older kids, this is a great option. The reason why this bag works for older kids is the storage space and flexibility of carrying up to two rackets. With a dedicated shoe compartment, it’s easier to organize tennis essentials into this bag.

The main pocket will comfortably accommodate extra balls, a snack, and a towel while the front zipper pocket is ideal for smaller items such as a phone or keys. It also has a mesh pocket for a water bottle on the side. The bag is crafted from a 600 denier polyester fiber which is designed to last. You can choose between the blue or grey luxuriously textured fabric.


  • Crafted from sturdy 600 denier polyester
  • Luxuriously textured fabric
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Separate shoe compartment
  • An external zip pocket keeps items safe and secure


  • The zipper is not very reliable

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Women’s Small Tennis Racquet Backpack for Girls


You can choose between a bright blue or black in the Women’s Small Tennis Racquet Backpack for Girls. This bag is perfect for a young beginner who doesn’t need to carry too much in her bag other than her tennis gear and snacks.

Two junior racquets will fit comfortably into the dedicated racquet compartment. Essentials such as shoes, towels, and snacks can be organized into the main pocket while the zippered pocket on the side is excellent for smaller accessories. You’ll also find a mesh pocket in which you can fit your water bottle or a small canister of balls. Carrying this bag around is a breeze with padded shoulder straps and a quick-grab handle.


  • Nice color
  • Plenty of stage space
  • Two side pockets, one zippered and another elastic
  • Padded shoulder straps


  • The material does not seem durable

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Athletico Compact City Tennis Backpack


The Athletico Compact City Tennis Backpack combines style with efficiency, making it an ideal choice for an older kid. It’s suited to both genders as there are two colors to choose from; a vibrant pink and a more sober grey.

This rip-resistant tennis bag is spacious enough to accommodate two racquets and extra essentials. An anti-slip zipper on the padded racquet compartment keeps the racquets in place. You can comfortably pack shoes, a towel, a sweatshirt, and tennis balls into the spacious main pocket. There’s also a small felt-lined pocket and another roomy pocket on the front for a phone and other accessories.

Large water bottle pockets on both sides of the bag are reinforced and convenient for carrying a bigger water bottle. Adjustable shoulder straps and a padded back make the bag comfortable to carry around. A built-in fence hook that can be tucked away when not in use, allows you to hang the backpack on a fence or hook. The icing on the cake with bags from Athletico is that they have a money-back policy for dissatisfied customers.


  • Front access padded racquet compartment with anti-slip zipper
  • Fence hook that tucks away when used
  • Two large reinforced water bottle pockets
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and padded back
  • Rip-resistant pro-grade sports fabric


  • The second tennis racquet doesn’t fit easily if the main pocket is full

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Ame & Lulu Game On Tennis Backpack


Ame & Lulu are fairly new to the tennis gear business but their tennis bags are stylish and efficient. The Ame & Lulu Game On Tennis Backpack is more expensive than most of the bags on our list but if you’re looking for something lightweight and durable, this is one of the best tennis bags for kids. However, given the price tag and size on this one, it’s more suited to an older kid.

This lightweight nylon bag is padded to give it some structure. The adjustable straps are also padded making it comfortable to carry around. You can easily fit two racquets into the exterior pocket, held in place by a zipper. Accessories will go into the main compartment while the two side pockets are convenient for a water bottle or extra tennis balls.


  • Stylish bag available in a variety of colors
  • Adjustable padded straps
  • Side pockets
  • Large main pocket


  • Expensive

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Babolat Pure Strike Foldover Backpack


Babolat’s Pure Strike Foldover Backpack is one of the best tennis bags for kids who play tournaments. It’s just the right size with an innovative design that can hold up to three racquets. There’s a removable shoe sack plus two compartments for more gear.

In addition to this, you’ll also find an accessory pocket for smaller items and ventilated sections for storing used clothes or shoes. What sets this bag apart from most tennis bags is the flexibility that it offers. You can use it as a regular backpack by folding over the top of the racquet compartment.


  • Innovative flexible design
  • Removable shoe sack
  • Accommodates up to three frames
  • Accessory pocket for smaller items
  • Padded back straps


  • Side pockets seem a little small

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Wilson Junior Tennis Backpack


An ideal backpack for an older kid who’s just starting out is the Wilson Junior Tennis Backpack. You won’t find any extra bells and whistles on this one as it’s a straight forward tennis bag, designed for functionality. However, the red and black color is a clear winner.

It’s not too big on storage space with just one big zippered accessory compartment and a dedicated racquet pocket. The racquet compartment holds up to two racquets. Crafted from a sturdy durable canvas, this bag is designed to last.


  • Nice, red-and-black color combination
  • Good storage space
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap
  • Sturdy, durable canvas fabric


  • Not much storage space
  • No side pockets

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