13 Best Hair Ties for Babies

13 Best Hair Ties for Babies

Good hair ties are essential, whether you’re putting tufts into cute little pigtails or trying to keep thick hair out of your infant’s face. You want elastics that are sturdy and will grip hair comfortably but without damaging or breaking your baby’s hair. The best hair ties for your baby and infants range from colorful options to basic neutral-colored ones and even hair ties with accessories and bows attached. What’s more, finding the best hair ties for tots is an arduous task that can easily be forgotten until you require it the most. Additionally, hair ties are what tend to get lost the most!

Whether you see hair ties as functional products or love YouTubing the latest hairstyles for your infant, getting good-quality hair ties is important. It’s just as important as choosing the best sleep sacks for babies. To that end, here are the 11 best hair ties for baby and infants.

Yusunmi Pom Pom Baby Hair Ties


The Yusunmi Pom Pom Baby Hair Ties are one of the best hair ties for baby. These adorable and practical hair ties come in a set of 50 pom-pom hair ties and 200 elastic band hair ties. What’s more, each pom-pom hair tie features a rubber band wrapped in cotton fabric. Furthermore, the pom-pom is super fluffy, synthetic, and securely attached to the band. With a diameter of just 0.6 of an inch, these super-mini hair ties are perfect for thin infant hair. Since they’re covered in cotton, they can be removed easily without any uncomfortable pulling or tangles. The best bit? You’ll receive a random assortment of colors in mostly pastel and neon shades. 


  • Great small-sized hair ties.
  • Eye-catching and unique.
  • A cotton fabric covers the rubber band.


  • The pom-pom might become unattached and become a choking hazard.

Irada Rabbit Ear Scrunchies


The Irada Rabbit Ear Scrunchies are one of the best hair ties for infants. This package features 20 pieces with 10 sets of different patterns that you can mix and match or add to your tot’s pigtails. What’s more, each scrunchie is 2 inches in diameter which allow wrapping around thick hair twice and thin hair thrice. Since the high-quality design uses chiffon elastic, it stretches nicely without falling apart. The best bit? The rabbit ears are sewn onto the scrunchie, which means they aren’t choking hazards. Besides various patterns and designs, the scrunchies come in a durable zippered pouch for easy storage.


  • The rabbit ears are sewn on.
  • 10 different sets of patterns and designs.
  • High-quality.


  • Babies might want to pull at the rabbit ears.

WillingTee Mix Color Hair Elastics


The WillingTee Mix Color Hair Elastics are one of the best hair ties for baby. They’re the perfect accessory to add to your little lady’s hairdo. The package features 60 pairs of hair ties, with various accessories attached for style. What’s more, each elastic is just more than 1 inch in diameter, so it makes for a tight hold when you loop it around your tot’s hair. They’re also stretchy and durable, that’ll grip the hair firmly. Furthermore, the accessory charm ensures that the ties are harder to lose when removed. Thanks to the variety, you have plenty of options for accessorizing outfits throughout the month.


  • Great value for money.
  • Excellent variety.
  • Stretchy.


  • The elastic might stretch and break over time.

Suyegirl Rainbow Hair Ties


The Suyegirl Rainbow Hair Ties are one of the best hair ties for infants. If fashion is what you’re after, these hair ties are perfect. That’s because they’re made from green and non-toxic cotton with a nice stretch that won’t damage or leave creases in the hair. What’s more, the seamless design has no breaking spots and keeps hair damage-free. It comes in a set of 36 elastics in multiple colors and three different styles of stars, hearts, and butterflies. Thanks to the 1.2-inch diameter of the elastic, it can stretch up to 6 inches without damage. So, you can wrap this hair tie around your tot’s hair multiple times to secure it.


  • Comes in a set of 36 ties in different colors and designs.
  • Can stretch well.
  • Doesn’t damage hair.


  • Could be stronger.

Jolly Bows Mini Boutique Elastic Hair Ribbons 


The Jolly Bows Mini Boutique Elastic Hair Ribbons are one of the best hair ties for baby. Made from high-quality grosgrain ribbon, the tiny hair bows measure 1.5 inches in diameter and are glued to a durable elastic band. What’s more, every package features 40 pieces, two of each for 20 colors. So, you’ll be able to match multiple outfits, whether it’s a special or casual occasion. They have an excellent stretch to them so that you can wrap them around your baby’s hair several times. However, what you’ll love is the in-built bow as an adorable accessory. 


  • Made from high-quality grosgrain ribbon.
  • Has 40 pieces.
  • Sturdy elastic.


  • The bows could become unattached.

Hicarer Mini Rubber Bands


The Hicarer Mini Rubber Bands are one of the best hair ties for infants. Every band is 1 mm thick and 15 mm in diameter, making them sturdier than regular rubber bands. Despite being small, they’re sturdy to be wrapped around your baby’s hair multiple times and keep them securely attached. Did you know that every package comes with a whopping 1,000 hair ties? Yes! Plus, they come in a resealable pouch that makes storage and containment easy. Finally, the rubber is more durable than silicone bands, with an unbeatable stretch.


  • Neutral colors.
  • Comes in a set of 1,000 ties.
  • Comes in a resealable pouch.


  • Don’t slide off as easily as cotton or fabric hair ties.

Teenitor Clear Elastic Bands


The Teenitor Clear Elastic Bands are one of the best hair ties for baby. If you’re looking for nearly invisible elastic bands that won’t stand out in your infant’s hair, then these hair ties are perfect. What’s more, they offer a huge bang for your buck, as you get a whopping 2,000 pieces in this super inexpensive set. Besides being stretchy and strong, the ties don’t break easily. Plus, they come in a sturdy plastic container with a screw cap, making them easy to store. Each band measures 30 mm in diameter and is made from high-quality TPU, a bridge between plastic and rubber. Finally, they’re non-toxic.


  • Comes in a resealable plastic tub.
  • Made from non-toxic TPU.
  • Each package comes with 2,000 pieces.


  • The bands are really small.

ASFOS Seamless Cotton Hair Ties


The ASFOS Seamless Cotton Hair Ties are one of the best hair ties for infants. These bands have a diameter of 1 inch each, making them perfect for small baby hairs. What’s more, the cotton blend is stretchy and soft and won’t damage your infant’s hair. What’s more, the seamless design means that parents don’t have to worry about the hard glue or metal breaking or to weaken the hair or elastic. Besides being springy and nice, they gently slide out of your baby’s hair. Since there are 100 pieces in the package, you can use them for different occasions, both casual and special.


  • Designed for all hair types.
  • Soft and stretchy cotton.
  • 100 pieces in the package.


  • Tend to slide off easily.

Joyeah Multicolor Hair Ties


The Joyeah Multicolor Hair Ties are one of the best hair ties for baby. These ties are the perfect blend of comfort and stretch and are covered in high-quality nylon. So, you get the smoothness of nylon but with the strength of a rubber band. They’re 2.5 cm in diameter, making them small and nice for baby hair. The package contains 200 pieces in 20 different bright colors and designs. Despite the small size, the bright colors ensure they don’t get lost. Finally, the seamless design is perfect for avoiding hair damage or risking one of the elastics snapping.


  • Great value.
  • 200 pieces in the package.
  • Stretchy and nice.
  • Damage-free option.


  • Not very durable.

J-Mee Seamless Hair Bands 


The J-Mee Seamless Hair Bands are one of the best hair ties for infants. These soft polyester hair elastics won’t damage or tangle in soft infant hair. What’s more, the hair ties have a diameter of 1.25 inches, maintaining their shape well with a nice stretch. Thanks to the polyester cloth finish, the hair tie won’t easily slide out of your baby’s hair. Since every package contains 100 pieces in 10 different colors, these will last you and your baby a long, long while. Since the band is thicker than other silicone or rubber bands, they comfortably grip textured or thicker hair.


  • Gentle and soft on hair.
  • Thicker than other hair ties.
  • Comes in a package of 100 ties.


  • Could become overstretched.

Zcoins Baby Hair Ties for Thin Hair


Does your baby have thin hair? Then the Zcoins Baby Hair Ties for Thin Hair are one of the best hair ties for baby. Every package contains a set of 100 hair ties that come in 10 assorted colors, lasting them a long time. What’s more, the 2.5 cm size makes them ideal for tying smaller amounts of thin hair, and they also have a good stretch to them. Furthermore, they’re made from a rubber band covered in cloth, so they grip well but boast a smooth finish. So, they easily slide out of your baby’s hair. Finally, they stretch well while maintaining shape and don’t break as easily as silicone bands.


  • Damage-free option.
  • The package has 100 pieces.
  • Stretchy but don’t break easily.


  • Could be stronger.

Youxuan Kids Elastics


The Youxuan Kids Elastics is one of the best hair ties for infants. The package features 1,000 disposable hair ties, all made from eco-friendly silicone. So, they’re sturdy and won’t damage even the finest baby hair. What’s more, they’re thicker than other rubber bands with strong elasticity so that they won’t break easily. Choose from five different colors on the soft and stretchy silicone bands that grip the hair well. Plus, you even have the choice of two different sizes, the smaller, 1.5 cm diameter ones and the larger 2.5 cm diameter ones. Whether your baby has short or long hair or thin or thick hair, these silicone hair ties will comfortably grip all kinds of hair. 


  • Comes in two different sizes.
  • the package has 1,000 pieces.
  • Made from eco-friendly silicone.


  • The bands are quite small.

EAONE Hair Ties


The EAONE Hair Ties are the absolute best hair ties for baby. Whether you want to tie your baby’s hair into a cute ponytail or a neat bun, these ties will surprise you with their impressive grip and elasticity. What’s more, these cute see-through elastic rubber hair bands are made from non-toxic material and are completely safe for your baby. Plus, they don’t pose any choking hazard and hold the fine hair securely. Aside from all of the above, they don’t tangle hair, are lightweight, and are completely odor-free and gentle on the hair. Finally, these amazing disposable hair ties are available in a generous quantity of 1,500, 2,000, or 2,500 in clear box containers.


  • Very affordable.
  • Available in three different counts.
  • Comes in a container for easy storage.


  • None, really.

How To Choose The Best Hair Ties for Babies?

Price and value for money

Even if they’re brightly colored, the tiny hair elastics designed for babies are very easy to lose. Whether your infant continually pulls their hair ties out or they get lost in the shuffle, ensure that you’re getting a decent number of options for the money that you’re spending.

Grip and material

The best material for hair ties varies across different hair types. For instance, a cotton-style elastic remains gentle on thick hair, but it might not grip fine hair well. On the other hand, a stretchy silicone hair tie grips fine hair well, but it could get tangled in kinks and curls. Also, some materials tend to lose their grip by stretching out over time, while others can only be used once or twice before they need to be discarded.

Design and color

Choosing the design and color is a personal choice. So, you could decide to either go with vibrant colors that complement different outfits or go with natural colors that blend into the hair. If you choose hair ties with in-built bows, then you don’t need to worry about headbands, hair clips, or other accessories.

Reusable vs. disposable

While disposable hair ties are usually inexpensive, it’s better to choose reusable options for the environment. Since baby hair ties are very small in size, they could easily get lost. So, even reusable options could quickly disappear. 

On the disposable side, we looked for sturdy options that would not break easily or damage hair.  That’s often why we recommend a pony pick for removal.

Are hair ties safe for babies?

Unless they’re fairly loose, hair ties could damage your baby’s hair. So, ensure that your babies are of a certain age before putting hair ties in their hair.

Can I tie my 6-month-old baby’s hair?

If your baby just has a few remaining strands of hair, keep them loose rather than pulling them into a ponytail.

When can I start doing my baby’s hair?

There’s no set age for starting combing your baby’s hair, which you can begin brushing at any time.

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