13 Best Cloth Diapers for Overnight

13 Best Cloth Diapers for Overnight

Cloth diapers have come a long way from the cotton pads and safety pins of our grandparents’ generation. Today, there are lots of options available for new parents looking to take this earth-friendly route. What’s more, the best options for a cloth diaper for overnight for heavy wetters are almost as convenient and accessible as their disposable peer diapers. While cloth diapering is still fairly niche, the trend continues to grow steadily. Today’s new-generation parents actively strive to make socially and environmentally responsible choices when bringing up their babies. Going the cloth diaper way seems like the natural choice, especially since it’s useful in more ways than one. Besides being eco-friendly, they’re reusable and thus, can be budget-friendly, too, if you use them for a long time or with multiple children.

That’s why more parents are turning to cloth instead of, or along with, disposable diapers. Like you’d choose the best babies’ swaddles or best baby powders carefully, you need to choose cloth diapers carefully too. To that end, here are the 13 best cloth diapers for overnight for heavy wetters.

Osocozy Fitted Organic Diaper


The Osocozy Fitted Organic Diaper is one of the best overnight cloth diapers for heavy wetters. This diaper works as an extra precaution and doesn’t expose your baby’s delicate skin to potential pesticides and chemicals. What’s more, these diapers are made from 100% unbleached organic cotton certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) in the U.S. Moreover, these hourglass-shaped diapers have durable snap fasteners that allow you to close them securely for a cozy yet comfortable fit. They also have gentle elastic bands on the waist and legs and come in two sizes.


  • affordable.
  • Organic build.
  • Gentle elastic bands on legs and waist.


  • No decorative colors or styles.

GroV.I.A. One Diaper


The GroV.I.A. One Diapers is the best overnight cloth diaper for heavy wetters. These fitted, ready-to-wear cloth diapers are made entirely from absorbent fabric but do require a waterproof cover. Thanks to the waist snaps and the legs’ elastic openings, they fit your baby snugly. All you need to do to change diapers is swap the diaper for a fresh one and reuse the waterproof cover. What’s more, this ultra-absorbent diaper comes in two sizes, the newborn and the standard size. The newborn one fits babies weighing 5-12 lbs, while the latter fits babies weighing 10-35 lbs. The best bit? They come in many, many colors! It’s no wonder that this is one of the best overnight diapers.


  • Multiple sizes and designs.
  • Great for overnight uses.
  • Very absorbent.


  • A new diaper is required with every change.

Skhl Toddler Training Pants Underwear


Using training pants underwear as the best overnight cloth diapers is a great idea, like the Skhl Toddler Training Pants Underwear. Since training underwear is designed to feel and look like real underwear while still catching small accidents, this one is perfect for potty training your babies too. Thanks to the elastic waist, it’s easy for children to pull them up and down, just like regular underwear. Despite being partially waterproof, these cloth diapers are best for overnight if your kids aren’t heavy wetters. Moreover, the outer cotton shell has fun styles and colors, while the inner polyester liner is waterproof for maximum absorbency. Finally, it comes in sizes 2T to 6T and packs of eight.


  • Very absorbent.
  • Helps with potty training.
  • Multiple designs and sizes.


  • Not for larger leaks.

Kanga Care Rumparooz One Size Reusable Cloth Diaper


The Kanga Care Rumparooz One Size Reusable Cloth Diaper is the best overnight cloth diaper for heavy wetters. These pocket diapers have inside pockets with waterproof exteriors and hold absorbent inserts. What’s more, you can adjust the insert layering, position, and size for different absorbency levels, thus offering your kid the right levels of protection. Plus, these diapers fit babies weighing 6-40 lbs, and each has two “soaker” inserts. Additionally, they can be positioned in six ways depending on the baby’s age, gender, and need. If that weren’t enough, patented inner gussets on both legs would go a long way in preventing messes and leaks from escaping.


  • Multiple patterns and colors.
  • Four size settings.
  • Provide multiple levels of protection.


  • Not for larger or older babies.

Oso Cozy Organic Flat Cloth Diapers


The Oso Cozy Organic Flat Cloth Diapers is one of the best overnight cloth diapers. Flats are the original cloth diapers. They’re made from huge, rectangular pieces of fabric and need to be folded, clipped, and then covered with a waterproof shell. Besides being inexpensive, they’re easy to wash and dry in a trice, compared to other clothes. They come in two sizes, too, depending on your baby’s age and comfort of it as well as a manual on how to fold and clip the diapers for new parents. Since a set comes with 12 diapers, you don’t have to run to the store for every use.


  • Dries quickly.
  • can be repurposed as rags and burp cloths.
  • Affordable


  • Requires a waterproof shell.

Thirsties Natural Newborn All in One


The Thirsties Natural Newborn All in One is the best overnight cloth diaper for heavy wetters. There’s a lot to love about these all-in-one diapers. Firstly, they’ve been designed specifically for the size and the needs of a new baby, as well as tired new parents! Secondly, it’s very easy to use and has a trim fitting, complete with a snap closure option. In addition, there’s also an umbilical cord snap-down feature to lower the waistband to make newborns more comfortable. Despite limited lifetime use, these diapers are an excellent investment, especially since they fit babies weighing 5-14 lbs.


  • Easy to use.
  • Super-soft.
  • Trim fitting for newborns.


  • Doesn’t work for older, larger babies.

Bambino Mio Miosolo All-in-One Cloth Diaper


The Bambino Mio Miosolo All-in-One Cloth Diaper is one of the best overnight cloth diapers. Parents love these all-in-one diapers, and for more reasons than one. They come in many sizes and cute patterns, as this super-absorbent diaper grows with your baby. So, it fits babies weighing 8-35 lbs. What’s more, the easy-to-adjust hooks and snaps allow for a customized and secure fit. Plus, your baby gets to sleep all night comfortably without irritation thanks to the stay-dry inner layer and the super absorbent core that keep moisture away. It’s easy to wash, too, as the thick insert easily comes out to be washed.


  • Long-lasting.
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • One size fits most.


  • Could be hard to reposition the insert after washing.

ALVABABY Cloth Diapers


The ALVABABY Cloth Diapers is the best overnight cloth diaper for heavy wetters. These cloth diapers, which cost just 30 USD for a pack of 6 diapers and 12 inserts, are of great value. Despite not being very long-lasting, this diaper is a great choice because of its value. These pocket diapers are great for babies weighing 6-33 lbs and require an insert to be used, thus providing better absorbency. Plus, it also allows parents to change absorbency levels by using double or bigger inserts. Finally, the 3×3 snaps allow for a lot of adjustment of fit and a secure fit by overlapping these snaps.


  • Has room for single/double inserts.
  • 3×3 snaps.
  • Affordable.


  • Might not last long.

Esembly Cloth Diaper Try-It Kit


The Esembly Cloth Diaper Try-It Kit is one of the best overnight cloth diapers kits. The brand makes it super-easy for parents to find the right cloth diaper for their baby via their custom quiz. Based on these questions, the brand helps parents build their diapering system based on the usage, size, and needs of their baby. For a price of just 70 USD, parents get a trial kit with three cotton inners and a waterproof outer that snaps securely around their baby’s waist. What’s more, the outer comes in three playful patterns and a solid shade. If that wasn’t enough, the kit also has a rash relief cream, everyday balm, a 12-oz. bag of washing powder, and a drawstring pouch for dirty diapers. For beginner parents, this kit is perfect.


  • Value for money.
  • This starter kit has everything.
  • Good way to test cloth diapers.


  • Parents will require extra diapers for long-term use.

Charlie Banana Reusable Cloth Diapers


The Charlie Banana Reusable Cloth Diapers are the best overnight cloth diaper for heavy wetters. This entire set of diapers, which costs just 150 USD, features 6 reusable overnight cloth diapers and 12 reusable inserts. Thus, this kit makes for an easy-to-use and sustainable option that’s also very safe for the environment. Moreover, the signature softness on the edge-to-edge inserts comes from the fluffy fleece that also offers a quick-drying solution. Finally, the super absorbent liners prevent leakage, while the snug fit and adjustable snaps allow parents to customize the right fit for their growing baby.


  • The 2-in-1 adaptable system allows free movements.
  • Made with hemp, cotton, and terry.
  • Multi-layered reusable inserts.
  • Offers dryness and comfort.


  • Might be slightly tight for chubby thighs.

Rumparooz One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper


The Rumparooz One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper is not just one of the best overnight cloth diapers but one of the best overnight diapers overall. This cloth diaper system is perfect for babies that weigh up to 40 lbs. Moreover, this adorable diaper has many absorbency levels as you can place different inserts in the pocket. Together, the pocket and soaker inserts combine to create more than 17 degrees of absorbency. Besides the above, the diaper has a waterproof outer layer, a soft micro-chamois cloth, and a double gusset interior design for limiting leaks.


  • Pocket style.
  • Soft.
  • Better cloth price.


  • Needs stuffing.

wegreeco Washable Reusable Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers


The wegreeco Washable Reusable Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers is not just the best overnight cloth diaper for heavy wetters but also one of the best diapers for newborn babies. This reusable diaper is perfect for eco-conscious families and features a six-pack of polyester diapers. What’s more, the pack also has six absorbent microfiber and bamboo inserts that slide into the inner pocket easily. Furthermore, the three adjustable rows of snaps mean the diapers grow with your babies. Usually, this diaper fits everyone from newborns to two-year-old toddlers, depending on your baby’s size and comfort, of course. Finally, the inner suede prevents rashes, and the high-quality diaper is easy to clean.


  • Feature many prints and patterns.
  • Come with diapers and inserts.
  • Snaps allow the diaper to grow with the baby.


  • The vibrant colors only have two snaps, while the rest have three.

OhBabyKa Baby Diaper


The OhBabyKa Baby Diaper is undoubtedly the best cloth diaper for overnight. This diaper has a waterproof and breathable polyester outer layer. What’s more, the suede inner cloth layer wicks moisture and allows parents to carry their tots around with them. Moreover, every diaper features a three-layer microfiber insert with a very high absorbency rate. Plus, you can adjust the diaper to different sizes, namely small, medium, and large, simply by snapping the rows of buttons. Finally, the elastic legging area is very useful in preventing leakage.


  • Comes in multiple attractive patterns and colors.
  • Eco-friendly alternative.
  • Reusable and economical.
  • The pocket holds the inserts.


  • None.

How To Choose The Best Cloth Diapers for Overnight?


  • Hybrids/All-in-twos: These diapers often have inner detachable absorbency layers inside that allow parents to customize absorbency levels. You can also swap soiled inserts for clean ones, as long as the rest of the diaper is clean. 
  • All-in-Ones: These are like disposable diapers but made from cloth. They have multiple inner absorbent layers and a waterproof exterior and cannot be used more than once.
  • Pocket Diapers: These diapers have waterproof layers and a stay-dry lining with a pocket on the inside. You can put a fold or a diaper insert inside for more absorbency. 
  • Contour Diapers: Such diapers fit your baby snugly around the legs, but they do require a diaper clip or a pin to secure them. If you want them to be waterproof, you’ll need a cover too.
  • Fitted Cloth Diapers: These absorbent material diapers have back and leg elastic and Velcro or snap closures. Since they don’t have a waterproof exterior, you’ll need a cover.
  • Flats and Prefolds: These are rectangular-shaped diapers that need to be folded and fastened with a diaper clip. Plus, they also need a cover as they aren’t waterproof.

Absorbency levels and leakproof design

When looking for the best overnight cloth diapers, ensure that you go for a moisture-wicking and leakproof design. They allow you to use inserts that absorb faster without making a mess, leaving your baby feeling snug, dry, and comfortable. What’s more, look for an option with a high absorbency rate so you won’t have to wake up many times in the night to change your baby’s diaper.

Fit and size

Finally, look for an overnight cloth diaper that’ll fit your baby well. Since babies constantly outgrow themselves during the first few years of their life, consider buying one-size diapers that can be adjusted as they grow. Additionally, look for diapers with enough snaps so you can customize the correct fit for your baby. Hence, look for diapers that can be used with removable inserts and will work for all kinds of baby sleeping positions during the night.

Can I soak cloth diapers overnight?

You can soak cloth diapers overnight before putting them through a regular warm wash and dry cycle.

How many overnight cloth diapers do I need?

3-5 nighttime diapers are recommended. This will also depend on whether your child is a heavy wetter. Newborns are changed often, while older babies may only need to be changed once.

How to avoid major messes overnight with cloth diapers?

Adding extra absorbent inserts and ensuring a snug fit will help prevent messes at night. You can use a wool cover as an added protection.

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