13 Best Baby Monitors under $100

13 Best Baby Monitors under $100

What did parents do before baby monitors came onto the scene? Our guess? They probably worried – a lot. Baby monitors, at their most basic level, allow parents to keep track of their babies at all times. What’s more, they needn’t be in the same room, and they needn’t keep poking their head into their baby’s bedroom every two minutes. While baby monitors are generally expensive gadgets, it doesn’t mean that you need to burn a hole in your pocket investing in them. The best baby monitors under $100 include some of the cheapest options that have audio and video and many other features. Plus, with baby monitors around, parents and caregivers can live their lives with the peace of mind that only comes from baby monitors! This is especially true for new parents, as the experience could be daunting.

Just like you’d spend time choosing the best baby earphones for flying or the best white noise machines for babies, you need to choose good baby monitors too. But are there any good monitors for less than $100? Yes, indeed. With these 13 best and cheapest baby audio and video monitors, peace of mind doesn’t always a fortune.

Nooie Baby Monitor


The Nooie Baby Monitor is one of the best baby monitors under $100. It’s sold as two options, a single pack that costs 50 USD and a two-pack set that costs around 70 USD. What’s more, this stylish and innovative home security gadget features sound and motion detection functions to predict your baby’s next move. Many parents love the night vision feature thanks to the two 940nm infrared LEDs and a camera that tilts vertically and horizontally. If that wasn’t enough, it also has a 101-degree field of view. The in-built anti-noise speaker and microphone allow parents to talk and listen to their baby when they need them. It’s an excellent feature that allows comforting your baby from anywhere. The best bit? Besides a simple installation process, the baby monitor also works with Alexa.


  • Affordable.
  • Sound and motion detection.
  • High-resolution recording.
  • Easy installation.


  • Connection issues.

Axvue Baby Monitor


If you don’t mind paying less than 10 USD more than 100 USD, then consider the Axvue Baby Monitor. It costs 108 USD and is the best cheapest baby monitor with video. The 4.3 inches, high-resolution TFT-LCD screen offers a quick video response, while you can pair the two cameras with the monitor simultaneously. So, it’s a great option for parents with two kids on a budget. What’s more, you can switch to the camera you want automatically or manually by setting the Auto-Scan option to the desired setting. Moreover, it has broad bandwidth capacities and a talk-back feature from the monitor to soothe your crying baby. This product is like the Axvue Video Baby Monitor E612, one of the best-rated baby monitors.


  • High resolution
  • No Wi-Fi or app is required.
  • Large screen.


  • No motion detection.

GoodBoy Baby Monitor


No baby monitor is as value-for-money as the GoodBoy Baby Monitor, one of the best baby monitors under $100. It costs just 34 USD, after all! This baby monitor features a 2.4-inch LCD that connects with a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi camera. You can monitor your sleeping baby even after turning off the light, thanks to infrared night vision. Moreover, the monitor allows checking and adjusting the room temperature to make your baby’s living environment more comfortable. Aside from the above, the monitor has a range of 1,000 feet and has two-way communication that allows you to play lullabies to soothe the baby.


  • Easy installation.
  • Alarm setting.
  • Long-range support.
  • Affordable.


  • Small screen.

VTech VM3252 Video Baby Monitor


The VTech VM3252 Video Baby Monitor is the best cheapest baby monitor with video, costing just 43 USD. This plug-and-play video monitor has the camera and the parent unit configured, so there’s no setup involved. The high-resolution 2.8-inch LCD screen ensures a clear view of your baby. Furthermore, the night vision offers clear and crisp footage even if the lights are turned off. Moreover, the in-built temperature sensor notifies parents about the room temperature in case they want to keep an eye on it or change it. Wrapping up the features are the remote control system for zooming, panning, and tilting the camera and a two-way talk feature.


  • Good night vision quality.
  • Long battery life.
  • Sound activation mode.
  • High resolution.


  • Lacks optical zoom.

Babysense Video Baby Monitor


The Babysense Video Baby Monitor is one of the best baby monitors under $100. What makes it great is that it offers excellent features at an affordable price of 70 USD, including a 2.4-inch LCD and crystal-clear sound and vision. Like most other baby monitors on this list, this one has a two-way talk feature to soothe the baby and a range of 900 feet. What’s more, parents get quick warnings on the receiver when they step outside the range. Plus, the latest infrared night vision tech allows you to monitor the baby even at night. Finally, the multi-camera expandability, timer/alarm setting, and room temperature feature make it a fabulous baby monitor for less than $100.


  • In-built lullabies.
  • Good night vision.
  • Room temperature monitoring.
  • Long-range.


  • Small screen.

Anmeate Video Baby Monitor


The Anmeate Video Baby Monitor is one of the best cheapest baby monitor with video. This baby monitor has a lot going for it, such as the fact that it comes with a 720P HD display. What’s more, there’s even a 2x zoom feature for extensive coverage, which you can see via the 2.4-inch screen that offers good views. Plus, the 8 infrared LED lights can constantly monitor any of your baby’s movements. The atomic night vision is a winning feature as it provides clear video even in dark rooms. Finally, features such as the addition of 4 cameras, a powerful speaker and microphone, and advanced two-way communication technology make this baby monitor perfect. And it costs just 50 USD!


  • Alarm settings.
  • Connects to 4 cameras.
  • Auto infrared night vision.
  • Long transmission range.


  • Small-sized screen.

HelloBaby Baby Monitor


Costing just 72 USD, the HelloBaby Baby Monitor is one of the best baby monitors under $100. Parents who prefer large LCD screens will love the 3.2-inch LCD screen on this baby monitor. It also has a digital camera to provide a crystal-clear image. Furthermore, the camera has 2x zoom and vertical and horizontal rotation for you to have clear views of your baby. Thanks to the two-way communication feature, you can soother your baby without having to leave the room. This holds true at night too, when the infrared night vision feature allows you to check on your baby even when the lights are off. Another cool thing? The baby monitor also monitors the room temperature and has a sound level LED indicator to see if your baby moves.


  • Clear video.
  • Additional features.
  • Easy to install.
  • Flexible rotation.


  • Some parents said that the monitor freezes sometimes.

Wyze Cam Pan 1080p


The Wyze Cam Pan 1080p is the best cheapest baby monitor, even if it’s without video, because it costs just 60 USD! This Wi-Fi home surveillance camera-turned-baby-monitor features audio and HD video capabilities for this amazing price. What’s more, the cam can be controlled remotely via an app and that too by multiple family members. The monitor also allows real-time live streaming as well as setting up push notifications on your smartphones. Besides this, parents can also adjust the sensitivities of the sound and motion sensors. Wrapping up the features are the two-way audio capabilities, night vision, and the ability of the camera to zoom, tilt, and pan.


  • Easy to use via the Wyze app.
  • Wi-Fi cam can zoom, tilt, and pan and has night vision, audio, and live HD streaming.
  • Incredibly affordable.


  • No video monitor; you’ll need to use your phone all the time.

VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor


The VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor is one of the best baby monitors under $100. In fact, this vibrating baby monitor is one of the best baby monitors for deaf parents. This is thanks to the graphic sound indicator with five different sound levels. So, deaf parents can visually monitor any sounds or movements from the baby’s room. What’s more, there is a parent unit and a nursery unit, so the former has vibration alerts so as not to miss any notifications.

But, parents like the most about this monitor are the 1,000 feet range outdoors and a range of 160 feet even indoors. So, they can move about flexibly with their units as the baby sleeps comfortably. Finally, the top loop of the nursery unit is also a nightlight, which helps parents soothe the baby without even entering their rooms. And all this is available for a price of just 40 USD!


  • Substantial range.
  • Alerting system with vibrations and lights.
  • The nursery unit doubles as a night light.


  • No video.

Owlet Cam Baby Monitor


The Owlet Cam Baby Monitor is the best cheapest baby monitor with video capabilities. This product has the Wi-Fi-enabled Owlet camera that delivers both real-time notifications and alerts and excellent video quality. What’s more, the camera has both a wall-mounting kit and a magnetic base and can be controlled via the app. The setup is smooth, the range is good, and the HD camera’s 130-degree wide-angle lens allows you complete views of your baby. And finally, like other smart baby monitors, this Owlet also gives both humidity and temperature readings. And it costs just less than 100 USD!


  • Zoom in capability.
  • Consistent video quality.
  • Easy setup.


  • Parents say that the app sometimes disconnects from the camera.

Wyze Cam v3


The Wyze Cam v3 is one of the best baby monitors under $100, costing just 35 USD! It’s not exactly a baby monitor, but this home surveillance camera works perfectly as a baby monitor. This Wi-Fi monitor detects motion superbly and has excellent night vision too. Moreover, it also has two-way communication so parents can soothe their babies remotely. Furthermore, it can even record 12-second video clips so you can share cute baby videos with friends and family. If that wasn’t enough, the app allows you to live stream from the camera and even sends push notifications to the smartphone. All this despite being so cheap!


  • Free cloud storage.
  • No subscription is required.
  • Excellent quality camera.
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.


  • No background audio feed.

SereneLife Monitor With Smart Watch


The SereneLife Monitor With Smart Watch is the best cheapest baby monitor with video capabilities. This smartwatch monitor makes it very easy for parents and caregivers to carry the monitor around the house. Hence, there are no chunky monitors you need to stash in your back pocket or balance ungainly during your household chores. Additionally, the smartwatch lets parents see their babies on their wrists. In fact, the screen also shows voice messaging, time, date, and an alarm clock. It has night vision too, which makes it super-handy for parents to check on their babies even at night. The best bit? You can adjust the camera-viewing angle too!


  • Video screen.
  • Vibration alerts.
  • Talk-back feature.
  • Room temperature monitoring.


  • Short battery life.

Philips AVENT Audio Baby Monitor


The Philips AVENT Audio Baby Monitor is one of the best baby monitors under $100. There’s a lot to like about this baby monitor, such as the 5-level graphic sound indicator that allows parents to monitor noises in their babies’ rooms visually. Moreover, the vibration alert features alert all parents, including deaf parents, to any sound that occurs in the nursery. One of the best features of this baby monitor is Philips’ DECT technology, which has an excellent range and audio quality and zero interference. Finally, the product tunes out white noise and has a constant low-level lullaby, a talkback feature, and even a nightlight.


  • Light and vibration alerts.
  • Nightlight.
  • Portable design.
  • Durable build.


  • None.

How To Choose The Best Baby Monitors under $100?

Camera Resolution

Just because you’re looking for budget baby monitors, it doesn’t mean that you need to skimp on the camera resolution. In fact, it’s one of the most important factors that you should consider. That’s because a higher-resolution projector camera will provide a better quality video. Also, don’t go for cameras with a native resolution of less than 480P, or you’ll get poor visuals.

Screen size

One of the most important factors you need to look for in the best cheapest baby monitor is the screen size for the video. That’s because it’s important for you to have a clear view of your baby, which is one of the main reasons why you buy a monitor in the first place.

Transmission range

Another factor to keep in mind while buying baby monitors is the transmission range, which allows parents to always keep an eye on their babies without having to be in the room. Usually, most good baby monitors, even the ones that cost less than $100, offer a range of up to 1,000 feet, which is more than enough. However, look for ones with a higher range if you live in a large or multi-storied house.

Battery life

Since most baby monitors are battery-powered, ensure that you buy one with at least 8-10 hours of battery backup. Also, we recommend getting monitors with rechargeable batteries to eliminate the cost and the hassle of batteries altogether.

Night vision

Finally, one of the most important features of baby monitors, even the cheap ones, is the night vision feature. Since the lights are turned off at night when your baby sleeps, a regular camera cannot record videos properly. That’s where the night vision mode comes in, providing a clear video feed even in the dark. 

Can baby monitors be connected to the Internet and not be hacked?

While Wi-Fi baby monitors are more susceptible to being hacked, even non-Wi-Fi baby monitors can be hacked. So, you need to take all necessary precautions.

What features should a budget baby monitor have?

The infrared night vision feature is one of the most important features that baby monitors should have, as regular cameras cannot properly record videos in the dark.

Why are baby monitors so expensive?

Since technology has come a long way, today’s baby monitors are no exception. Today, they’re as savvy as any other gadget on the market. With a bevy of additional features, they’re worth every penny – and then some.

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