13 Best Baby Monitors for Deaf Parent

13 Best Baby Monitors for Deaf Parent

Having babies is a huge step, and when it comes to deaf parents, they must consider many additional complications. And one of those features is a baby monitor. Baby monitors are perhaps one of the commonest items parents require to prepare for their little one’s arrival. When you invest in a baby monitor for deaf parent, it’s essential to ensure that the monitors suit your and your baby’s needs. What’s more, they include useful features such as vibration, light indicators, and screens that could be very helpful to deaf parents. Basically, today’s deaf parent baby monitors have capabilities that help deaf parents leave their babies in another room securely and safely without being worried. To that end, here are the 13 best baby monitors for deaf parents.

SereneLife Monitor With Smart Watch


The SereneLife Monitor With Smart Watch is the best baby monitor for deaf parent. This smartwatch monitor makes it very easy for deaf parents to carry their baby monitor around the house. So, you don’t have to deal with chunky monitors in your back pocket. Moreover, the smartwatch lets you see your baby right on your wrist. Furthermore, the screen also shows an alarm clock, the date, the time, and voice messaging. It’s great for deaf parents because, one, it has a video screen, and secondly, it has night vision. Thus, it’s super-handy to check on your baby even at night, especially since you can adjust the camera-viewing angle. Finally, the vibration option ensures you’ll get vibration alerts to check on your baby.


  • Room temperature monitoring.
  • Talk-back communication.
  • Vibration alerts.
  • Video screen.


  • Short battery life.

Nanit Smart Baby Monitor


The Nanit Smart Baby Monitor is the tech-friendliest deaf parent baby monitor on this list. It’s perfect for parents that like their gadgets to be high-tech, as it has all the special features that’ll end up with them geeking out. Firstly, the device is easy to set up, as it has a camera built into the included wall mount. What’s more, there are no exposed cords, which means it’s safe too. Secondly, the wall mount also has a gentle night light with a dimming option. Moreover, it can be turned on and off via the Nanit app.

Going further, the HD audio and video stream directly to your smartphone, offering to check routinely on your baby easily. Plus, the humidity and temperature sensors help ensure that your baby is cozy, as you can zoom in and out too. Finally, the app tracks all baby data, including sleep tracking.


  • The night light can be switched on/off remotely.
  • Temperature gauge.
  • Excellent video quality.
  • Easy to set up.


  • The camera adjustment is only by hand.

VTech DM221 Vibrating Baby Monitor


The VTech DM221 Vibrating Baby Monitor is the best baby monitor for deaf parent. One of the best things about this VTech model is that it has a graphic sound indicator that shows five different sound levels. So, it makes it easy for deaf parents to monitor any sounds from the baby’s room visually. What’s even better is that there’s both a nursery unit and a parent unit. The parent units have vibration alerts, so they won’t have to miss notifications either. But, the best bit is the substantial range of 160 feet indoors and 1000 feet outdoors, providing flexibility to parents for moving about with their units as the baby sleeps. Moreover, the top loop of the nursery unit doubles as a nightlight, helping soothe the baby too.


  • Susbtantial range.
  • Alerting system with vibrations and lights.
  • Nursery unit doubles as a night light.


  • No video.

Dr. Meter Baby Monitor


The Dr. Meter Baby Monitor offers something that most baby monitors don’t; it’s the option to add up to four extra cameras in your baby’s room! Albeit sold separately, this device is perfect for parents who want access to various angles. What’s more, there’s a light indicator that gauges any noise being made in the bedroom. Plus, the two-way audio goes a long way in calming your baby from afar. Moreover, the digital video is displayed on a 5-inch, high-resolution screen. Furthermore, there are many special features, which include night vision for monitoring and even a temperature sensor for monitoring the nursery air. Finally, the baby monitor has pre-programmed lullabies and a range of up to 1,000 feet in open space.


  • Night vision and lullaby features.
  • Can add extra cameras.
  • Light alerts.


  • No vibration feature.

Motorola Video Baby Monitor


The Motorola Video Baby Monitor is the best baby monitor for deaf parent. There’s a lot to like about this baby monitor, such as the fact that it has two cameras for full coverage. What’s more, you can see your baby clearly, no matter where they’re sleeping in their crib. As they grow up, the two cameras offer a bird’s eye view of the entire playroom. Moreover, you could even adjust both cameras’ viewing angles via the parent unit without disturbing your babies. Regarding the viewing unit, there’s a real-time video with a 5-inch LCD color screen with a high-quality image. Finally, the high-sensitivity microphones pick up on any sound your baby makes, alerting you as soon as possible.


  • Infrared vision.
  • Room temperature monitoring.
  • Cameras can be moved and tilted from the parent unit.


  • Poor battery life.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor


The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is a hi-tech baby monitor perfect for deaf parents due to its intuitive features. For one, the baby monitor has a compact, sleek, and pocket-friendly form factor. What’s more, it has a 3.5 full-color display and a 170-degree viewing range, allowing deaf parents to check up on their baby visually from anywhere. On top of that, the baby monitor has interchangeable lenses for customized viewing angles. It’s as user-friendly as it’s feature-rich, such as requiring no setup at all. Moreover, the controls can zoom in, pan, and tilt the camera. What’s more, it can also adjust the brightness, angles, and audio levels for optimum security. But, the baby monitor is great for deaf parents, especially due to the sound-activated LED lights, invisible IR night vision, two-way talk feature, and sophisticated alarm function. Finally, there’s also an in-built room temperature display.


  • Bright, clear-colored display.
  • Sound-activated LED lights.
  • Interchangeable lens.
  • High-quality build and compact design.


  • Expensive.

Philips AVENT Audio Baby Monitor


The Philips AVENT Audio Baby Monitor is an excellent baby monitor for deaf parent. This baby monitor boasts a 5-level graphic sound indicator that allows deaf parents to monitor noises in the baby’s room visually. What’s more, it also has a vibration feature that alerts deaf parents that there’s a sound in the nursery. Philips’ DECT Tech does a great job at zero interference and excellent audio quality, along with an excellent range of 900 feet. If that wasn’t enough, the product also has a nightlight and a talkback feature. Wrapping up the features is the constant low-level lullaby and white noise tuning out.


  • Durable build.
  • Zero interference,
  • Portable design.
  • Nightlight.
  • Vibration and light alerts


  • Difficult to set up
  • Expensive

Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor


The Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor is an excellent baby monitor. It has two parent units, as opposed to a single one in many monitors, and also has sound indicator lights that match the sound levels from the baby’s room. What’s more, there’s also an optional vibrate function that alerts deaf parents. Additionally, this baby monitor operates on the 900MHz frequency with zero interference and an impressive 2000 feet range. Finally, it gets many bonus points for excellent audio quality, secure connection, and easy-to-use nature. All these allow deaf parents to keep an eye on their babies anywhere in the home.


  • Includes two parent units.
  • Light and vibration alerts.
  • Impressive range and zero interference.
  • Excellent audio quality.


  • Not very durable.

Eufy Baby Monitor


The Eufy Baby Monitor is a great baby monitor for deaf parent. This advanced video monitor boasts a 100-degree wide-angle camera lens, offering deaf parents a complete view of their little one’s nursery. What’s more, the cam’s zoom, tilt, and pan viewing options are handy during late-night escape attempts. It can even transmit videos during no and low-light conditions. One of the best features is that this is one of the most lightweight and slimmest parent units we’ve seen and that too with an exceptionally long range. Finally, the unit also has many audio and visual reminders for when your baby gets loud.


  • The camera can zoom, tilt, and pan to see the entire room.
  • 720p HD monitoring screen, 5-inch display.
  • 15-hour battery life.


  • The white noise function is only for 30 minutes.

Owlet Dream Duo Monitor


The Owlet Dream Duo Monitor is yet another excellent baby monitor, as it comes with a base station, an Owlet camera, and an award-winning smart sock. These three allow deaf parents to visually monitor their little ones and keep tabs on heart rate and oxygen level. The cam can track kids of all ages, while the smart sock can be used for babies up to the age of 18 months. What’s more, the device can be safely synced to smartphones and thus, has an unlimited range. Parents can set up the base station wherever they’re working in the house, while the multicolored light indicators can keep track of your baby. For tech-obsessed deaf parents, this baby monitor is perfect.


  • HD video.
  • Checks oxygen levels and heart rate.
  • Can be paired with Bluetooth-compatible devices/smartphones.


  • There are many components to recharge.

VTech BA72212GY Audio Baby Monitor


The VTech BA72212GY Audio Baby Monitor is a great baby monitor for deaf parent. This baby monitor sends deaf parents instant alerts when something changes in your sleeping baby’s behavior. Moreover, it helps deaf parents effectively communicate with their babies thanks to the talk-back intercom feature. Furthermore, there’s even a small nightlight that’s so soft that while you can see your baby sleeping peacefully, it won’t bother them in the slightest. The DECT 6.0 Technology also helps keep your privacy talks intact. The best bit? This baby monitor can be clipped anywhere on your body, such as the belt. So, you can access it from as much as 1,000 feet away.


  • Vibration alerts.
  • Soft nightlight.
  • Long range of 1,000 feet.


  • Battery drainage.

Cocoon Cam Plus-Baby Monitor


The Cocoon Cam Plus Baby Monitor is one of the best baby monitors for deaf parents, and there is more than one reason for the same. For one, it gives off vibration alerts with its special sensors that detect any changes in the breathing patterns of your baby. What’s more, the special in-built sensors immediately alert parents whenever the baby awakens or is awake. In fact, you can follow everything that the baby monitor tracks, such as oxygen level, heart rate, etc., via a mobile app on your phone or tablet. And since your baby doesn’t have any wearables, your baby’s sleep remains undisturbed.


  • Easy to install.
  • Night vision.
  • Vibration alerts.


  • Technical glitches.

TimeFlys Digital Audio Baby Monitor Mustang QQ


The TimeFlys Digital Audio Baby Monitor Mustang QQ is the best baby monitor for deaf parent. If you want a traditional baby monitor but with some upgraded additions, then this is the one for you. What makes it all the cuter is that it’s shaped like a cute penguin! What’s more, this QQ model has vibration alerts that are perfect for deaf parents. Other features include a portable parent unit, an effective range of 1000 feet, a rechargeable battery, and a two-way talk-back communication system. Finally, the soft nightlight, a temperature monitoring system, and the option for eight different lullabies wrap up the features of this amazing device.


  • Eight lullabies and nightlight.
  • 1000 feet range.
  • Two-way communication system.


  • None.

How To Choose The Best Baby Monitors for Deaf Parents?

Flashing lights and vibrating alarms

Since deaf parents cannot hear their babies’ cries, it could be worrisome, especially when they’re not in the nursery. Thankfully, deaf parents’ baby monitors feature vibrating alarms, which alert parents when the baby requires attention. What’s more, some even come with flashing light systems for additional security. These features are perfect for parents who’re deep sleepers, too, since the vibrating alerts are strong enough to wake them up.

Vibrating pads

There are some baby monitors that are paired with vibrating rods or pads, which can be tucked beneath a pillow. This system also comes with a minimum of two receivers, one of which is installed in the nursery to keep a check on the baby. When your baby needs attention, the rod or the pad will shake, effectively rousing parents from their sleep.

Video displays

One of the most useful features of baby monitors for deaf parents is LCD screens that enable parents to watch their babies at all times. This is an incredibly useful feature for deaf parents as it allows them to watch their babies from anywhere in the house. What’s more, some models even feature a small display (white/black/colored) on the unit for portability, while others come with a separate monitoring tablet. They’re pricier, yes, but they work fabulously for those who live in large or multi-floor homes.

Talk-Back feature

Finally, one of the most useful features of deaf parent baby monitors is the talk-back feature. If you’re unable to go into the nursery to calm your crying baby, then the talk-back feature is very useful for soothing your baby. You could do so without entering your room or calm them until you reach the nursery. Basically, the baby monitor works like a traditional walkie-talkie, allowing deaf parents to talk to their babies when the flashing lights alert them.

Can baby monitors pick up other frequencies?

Yes, baby monitors can pick up other signals since most broadcast on the same frequency. Moreover, they could even pick up other people’s conversations on taxi radios, phones, and any signals transmitted through the air.

Can a cell phone interfere with a baby monitor?

Yes, never mount/place baby units inside the baby’s playpen or crib. Place them at least a meter (3 feet) away to avoid interference from other electronic devices.

Is Wi-Fi harmful to a newborn baby?

There’s currently no firm evidence that the radiation from Wi-Fi, phones, tablets, or laptops is harmful to babies or young children.

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