13 Best Shoes with Arch Support for Kids

While there are plenty of amazing shoes on the market right now, not all of them offer adequate arch support for your little one. This is especially important if they were born with flat feet, which can cause them to walk a little differently and feel foot pain. Instead of anyhow getting them a pair of new kicks, you should get them the best shoes with arch support for kids! These shoes will protect the feet from overpronation. Lucky for you, our team had the privilege to let our kids try out some of the best options available on the market. With these shoes, kids will never have to endure the pain anymore! So, without further ado, let’s take a look at these life saviors!

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ASICS Kid’s Contend 7 Running Shoes


The first pair to kick off this list is none other than the ASICS Kid’s Contend 7 Running Shoes. Available in a wide array of fun colors, these shoes are designed with a new and improved mesh upper that improves the shoes’ breathability and comfort. Our little boy had the privilege to wear them for a day and his feet were completely dry when he took the shoes off.

In addition to that, these shoes also come with a solid and durable rubber sole. As one of our favorite kicks, you can rest assured that the sole is flexible and won’t let your kid fall on slippery surfaces. In addition to that, we love the fact that they’re available in half sizes as well. And if you need help choosing the right size, watch ASICS’ official video on how to measure your kid’s feet!


  • There are so many colors and sizes to choose from.
  • The rubber sole improves stability.
  • The durability of these shoes is top-tier.


  • They’re a bit too small for some kids.

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While TSUKIHOSHI isn’t the most popular shoe brand on the planet, we still think the TSUKIHOSHI 3570 STORM Shoes are worth considering, especially if you’re looking for a pair of shoes with great arch support for your beloved kid. First of all, these shoes are exceptionally lightweight and flexible. They allow kids to walk naturally and comfortably.

What’s more, the well-cushioned insole offers more than enough support for little ones with unique arches. Even better, these shoes are designed together with orthopedic experts. Thus, you don’t have to question their quality. And if you’re wondering, they can also be easily paired with custom orthotics.


  • The insole of these shoes is odor-resistant.
  • Keeping them clean is a breeze as they’re machine washable!
  • They’re available for both toddlers and bigger kids.


  • They’re the most expensive option on this list. But they’re definitely worth the money!

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New Balance Kids 888 V2 Running Shoes


The New Balance Kids 888 V2 Running Shoes are probably some of the cutest petite shoes we’ve ever seen! These shoes come with a hook-and-loop closure that’s easy to use, even for toddlers. What we love the most about these shoes after testing them is that they have amazing heel cushion support, which is amazing for kids with flat feet.

Our kid has pretty wide feet compared to his friends, and choosing the right shoes can sometimes be challenging. This is why we were so excited when we found out that these shoes are also available in wide sizes. In addition, the mesh/suede upper is not only durable but also breathable. And with a flexible and durable rubber sole, we’re not surprised that these shoes are flooded with positive reviews on bestviewsreviews.com.


  • They’re available in a wide variety of sizes.
  • The durability of these shoes is top-notch.
  • A nice option for kids with wide feet.


  • The suede upper can get dirty easily.

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Under Armour Kids Assert 9 Running Shoes


Up next are the Under Armour Kids Assert 9 Running Shoes, a pair of great shoes with arch support for little kids who love to run. These shoes are designed to give those petite runners arch support and comfortable cushioning. They make running more enjoyable and less painful. Combined with the lightweight mesh upper, these are some of the comfiest shoes ever.

Additionally, the heel comes with a convenient pull tab of the same color. We love the addition of the pull tab as it makes it easy to put on and take off the shoes. Most importantly, these shoes look sick! If you’re not a fan of the Red/Black combo shown below, there are still over 20 other different colors to choose from!


  • These shoes are also available in wide sizes.
  • They’re lightweight and comfortable.
  • An ideal option for little runners.


  • Not as cheap as some options on this list.

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PTHANN Toddler Shoes


Best Budget. If you’re on a budget but still want to give your kid a pair of shoes with arch support, look no further than the PTHANN Toddler Shoes! These kicks come with a premium insole that offers amazing arch support. Paired with the contoured heel cup that’s designed to stabilize every step, these shoes are certainly hard to beat.

We also love the addition of the pull tab, which makes it a breeze for kids to slip them on and off. Additionally, the knit upper is highly breathable. No more smelly, sweaty feet! Having a comfortable fit is also possible since the shoes come with a hook-and-loop closure. While the rainbow-colored variant is the most popular, they’re also available in other colors as well!


  • Both the body and the sole are flexible.
  • These shoes are lightweight and extremely comfortable.
  • There are many colors to choose from.


  • They’re not the best option for fat feet.

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New Balance Kids 680 V6 Running Shoes


You can’t go wrong with a pair of shoes from New Balance. What we have here are the New Balance Kids 680 V6 Running Shoes. If your kid is active like ours, you’ll definitely want to give these shoes a try. The upper is stitched to specifically deliver the flexible support that kids need, especially if they have flat feet. In addition, the brand’s ABZORB midsole also does a great job of absorbing impacts.

Our little boy had the chance to wear these shoes for the whole day, and we’re here to tell you that he had a blast! He kept running and jumping at the playground without feeling any type of discomfort. Better yet, these shoes are available in a wide array of different colors. Have fun picking a pair that matches your kid’s favorite outfit!


  • These shoes are also available in wide sizes.
  • The mesh upper offers unmatched comfort.
  • They’re designed to last.


  • The quality of the laces can be improved.

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pediped Mary Janes Flat Shoes


Those searching for something cuter should consider the pediped Mary Janes Flat Shoes! Aside from producing some of the best shoes for early walkers, pediped also makes a high-quality pair of shoes with great arch support. Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association, these shoes will keep your kid’s feet happy and healthy.

One of the shoes’ biggest selling points is the Flex Fit System. What is it, exactly? Well, it refers to the shoes’ special inserts, which can be removed or inserted, offering an ideal fit for kids. In addition, we also love how comfy and flexible the rubber sole is. We’re sure little girls would love these flat shoes a lot!


  • We love the cushioned arch support.
  • The rubber sole is both durable and flexible.
  • They’re a great choice, especially for feminine kids.


  • They have to be broken in to be comfortable.

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Santiro Kids Running Sneakers


If your little angel loves wearing colorful kicks, we can’t think of anything better than the Santiro Kids Running Sneakers! These shoes are simply eye-catching. They’re available in dozens of different designs, with some of them having matching sole colors. While there are so many striking colors available, our favorite has to be the Full Red variant. This all-red-everything looks like a beast!

Of course, these lightweight shoes provide more than enough arch support for kids. When wearing these shoes, our kid had nothing to complain about. The knitted upper improves breathability, allowing kids to never have stinky feet. Also, the convenient hook-and-loop closure ensures easy on and off.


  • These shoes provide sufficient stability and arch support.
  • They’re also available in big sizes.
  • They’re affordably priced.


  • According to some kids, these shoes are a little snug.

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Nike Revolution 5 Running Shoes


Best Durability. The Nike Revolution 5 Running Shoes have to be some of the most durable shoes Nike has ever made. Let’s start with the rubber sole! Those who have worn these shoes will tell you that the sole is flexible, and we completely agree. But in addition to that, we also have to add that the sole is built to last!

When it comes to comfort, they offer soft cushioning in the midsole. Also, the ankle has enough padding, which reduces the chance of having blisters. Moreover, these shoes come with a stretchy mesh upper, that, unlike other cheap shoes, will actually let your feet breathe! With everything they have to offer, we’re not surprised if you also want to get a pair for yourself!


  • The traditional lacing system provides a comfortable and secure fit.
  • No more stinky feet as the mesh upper allows the feet to breathe.
  • These shoes are also available in many sizes.


  • Those with wide feet might have a challenging time finding the perfect size.

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adidas Kids Swift Run Shoes


Most Lightweight. The adidas Kids Swift Run Shoes are specifically designed to be as light as a feather. So, if you’re looking for a pair that supports your kid’s arch and is extremely lightweight, look no further than this pair. Weighing around 1 lb, kids will be able to wear them comfortably for hours and forget they’re still wearing them!

In addition to that, we also adore the OrthoLite construction. The sock-like design effectively prevents your kid from having blisters. When we first saw these shoes, we were startled by how flexible the rubber sole was! Thus, we immediately knew that they’d make comfortable footwear for our little boy.


  • They’re available in a wide variety of sizes. Check the official product page to learn more about the sizes!
  • There are so many fun colors to choose from.
  • Both toddlers and teens can wear them.


  • They’re too small for some kids.

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New Balance Kids 997H Sneakers


Best Value for Money. Looking for the best shoes with arch support for kids that offer everything they need without costing you too much? The New Balance Kids 997H Sneakers are the perfect choice! These shoes are designed to reduce the unwanted pressure on kids’ tendons. Additionally, they’re extremely stable and provide amazing arch support.

After wearing them for a while, our boy told us he never felt uncomfortable with these shoes. This isn’t surprising, though, as the shoes boast a high-quality EVA sole with rubber pods that can absorb shocks. The sole may look big, but this doesn’t stop the shoes from being lightweight!  


  • We’re sure kids will have a blast choosing which pair they want as these shoes are available in dozens of color combos.
  • The upper is durable and comfortable.
  • They look the same as the adult model, so you can have matching shoes with your kid!


  • They might be too wide for kids with narrow feet.

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Merrell Kids Jungle Moc Moccasins


Another highly recommended pair that won’t disappoint is the Merrell Kids Jungle Moc Moccasins. We own a pair of shoes from Merrell, so we knew our little boy would be in good hands when we first encountered these shoes. One of the main highlights of these shoes is their versatility. Kids can wear them for almost any activity, from hiking to walking.

Furthermore, with a pull tab as well as a convenient slip-on design, wearing these shoes will never be a problem. During testing, our boy managed to wear them in a blink of an eye! Additionally, they offer amazing arch support. This is all possible thanks to the rugged sole that’ll protect kids on all types of surfaces.


  • We love the fact that these shoes come with an anti-odor lining.
  • The durability of these shoes has to be one of the best.
  • They’re available in wide sizes as well.


  • Not all kids are fans of the old-school look of the shoes.

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ASICS Kid’s GT-1000 10 Grade School Shoes


Best Overall. Sitting on top of our list are the ASICS Kid’s GT-1000 10 Grade School Shoes. With these shoes, kids will finally be able to have the proper arch support they badly need. They come with a high-quality midsole that features a mix of EVA foam and the brand’s special GEL technology, which provides amazing shock absorption and rebounds.

“According to our son, these shoes are some of the comfiest options he has ever tried. They support his arch really well and he often wears them during running practice.”


Aside from the comfort, these shoes also come with a durable rubber sole. We love how the rubber extends to the front of the shoes, protecting the toes. In addition to that, these shoes are available in a wide range of fun colors, catering to everyone’s preferences. We remembered how happy our kid was when he was choosing which pair he wanted to try.


  • These shoes are designed to be used for kids’ daily activities.
  • They’re available in a wide range of shades and sizes.
  • Can be used by both boys and girls.


  • Some people recommend going a size bigger.

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Our Verdict!

Thanks to the shoes above, kids can finally be able to enjoy their activities without any pain. That said, we understand that no shoes are built the same. While we think the ASICS Kid’s GT-1000 10 Grade School Shoes are the best, some people may not think the same. That’s why we’ve categorized some of our picks according to the following criteria!

How To Choose The Best Shoes with Arch Support for Kids

Now, how exactly does one choose the right shoes with good arch support? There are a few things you should always keep in mind, which include:

Arch support

Of course, the first thing you should consider is the arch support. Never say yes to shoes with zero arch support, no matter how beautiful they are. They should be flexible but not too flexible. They should only bend at the toes, not at the arch.


In addition to that, the shoes also have to provide a satisfying amount of comfort. We highly recommend getting a pair that has enough cushioning and that’s highly breathable so your kid doesn’t have to deal with smelly feet.


As you can see from our list, most of the shoes here have amazing traction. When looking for a pair of new shoes you should check out the sole. It should be durable and have treads that can grip the surface of the ground so kids won’t fall easily.

Do kids need arch support in shoes?

Normal kids don’t need special shoes with arch support. However, if your kid has flat feet, you should look for a pair that offers enough arch support.

What is the purpose of arch support in shoes?

As the name suggests, it supports the arch. In some cases, it can help eliminate the pain when you’re walking. It can also help put the feet in the most ideal position.

Who benefits from arch support shoes?

Anyone, including kids who have a certain foot condition like flat feet or some chronic pain, can wear shoes with arch support.

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