13 Best Shoes for Early Walkers

Seeing my baby walking for the first time was probably one my the most cherished moments in my life. It feels like he just started learning how to crawl yesterday! Babies who are learning to walk indoors don’t need to wear shoes, as going barefoot is the best choice to help develop their tiny feet. But since my little prince loves walking outside, walking barefoot isn’t the safest option. That’s why I let him wear some of the best shoes for early walkers. That said, not all baby shoes are created equal. Some of them may look cute but are actually not comfortable or protective enough. If you’re here to look for the best options, you’re at the right place! Below are the tried-and-true baby shoes that can help your baby walk without sacrificing anything!

HIITAVE Toddler Walking Shoes


Kicking off this list are the HIITAVE Toddler Walking Shoes. Weighing only 110 gr, these have to be some of the most lightweight shoes for babies on the market. I’ve held them before, and they were light as a feather! I’m not joking! Aside from that, the sole is also extremely flexible. Plus, it provides enough traction so babies can walk on any surface safely.

Another thing worth highlighting is their hook-and-loop closure, which can be adjusted easily. I also love how it provides a comfortable and secure fit. As you can see from the picture below, these shoes come with a mesh upper as well, which allows the shoes to be highly breathable.


  • Keeping them clean is easy as they’re machine washable.
  • They’re a great option for babies with wide feet.
  • Despite everything they offer, they’re still reasonably priced.


  • They’re not as durable as expected.

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Pediped Grip ‘n’ Go Dani First Walker Shoes


Though not the most popular, I think the pediped Grip ‘n’ Go Dani First Walker Shoes deserve their flowers! With more than 120 pairs of incredible shoes, this brand has proved that it’s one of the best when it comes to baby shoes. These shoes, in particular, are great for first-walkers. They come with a soft rubber sole that provides amazing traction and allows babies to walk and move comfortably.

As parents, we have tons to do, right? Sometimes, washing a pair of dirty shoes can be stressful. Luckily, these shoes are machine washable! Keeping shoes clean and fresh has never been easier! What’s more, I love that the shoes are vegan. This means they’re made without using any animal products.


  • The rubber sole is extremely flexible and durable.
  • They’re approved by APMA.
  • They’re also available in a wide variety of different colors.


  • Not the most popular brand.

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Kimi + Kai First Walker Shoes


What I have here are the cutest and most affordable shoes for early walkers! The Kimi + Kai First Walker Shoes are cheap as chips. But you’ll be surprised by how good they are! First, let’s talk about their design. These shoes are simply adorable. The Playful Puppy variant is to die for, and we’re sure your babies will love them. Aside from that, the shoes are also available in a Cow variant!

I also like how the fan-shaped toe box follows the shape of the baby’s feet. They’re not too small or too big. In addition to that, the insole is made of genuine leather, providing babies comfortable and soft layer that reduces pressure. My baby had a great time walking in these shoes, and yours will totally do the same!


  • The big opening and Velcro closure ensure easy on and off.
  • The rubber sole is extremely flexible.
  • They’re backed by a money-back guarantee.


  • These might not be the most durable option.

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Mejale Leather Moccasins for Babies


Up next are the Mejale Leather Moccasins for Babies. These shoes are easily among my favorites. The biggest selling point of these shoes is their lightweight and flexible sole. It’s not too thick, which allows babies to walk and still feel the ground. It makes every single step feel natural.

That’s not all! If you pay attention to the picture below, you’ll see that there are elastic bands. They do a great job at keeping the shoes on at all times. In addition, they also provide great arch support. Best of all, these shoes are available in different colors, which include Watermelon Pink, Light Purple, Brown, and many more.


  • They’re designed for 0 to 24-month-old babies.
  • The sole is made from durable suede leather.
  • They’re great for babies transitioning from crawling to walking.


  • Unfortunately, these shoes can wear out easily.

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peggy piggy Baby Sandals


Are the peggy piggy Baby Sandals a pair of sandals or shoes? While we can spend hours arguing about this, why not focus on the more important thing? These shoes (yes, I said it) are a nice choice for first-time walkers. The sole is flexible, durable, and will prevent babies from falling. My baby has worn them before, and I’m happy to let you know that these shoes certainly don’t disappoint.

Lightweight and comfortable, the shoes also come with a convenient hook-and-loop closure. As some of the best shoes for new walking baby, they’re extremely easy to put on and take off. When my baby wore them, they stay on his feet all the time. I adore these shoes, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same, too!


  • You won’t believe how cheap these shoes are.
  • They’re comfortable and highly breathable.
  • The sole is surprisingly durable.


  • The size options are rather limited.

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Stride Rite Splash Sneakers


Best Water Shoes. The Stride Rite Splash Sneakers are the best option if you want to take your baby to the pool. These water shoes are everything my baby needs, and possibly more. Though he only had a day to wear them, I could see how durable and good the shoes are. The MVP is none other than the sole, which provides enough traction on wet surfaces.

These shoes are available in multiple different designs and sizes, so you can choose the pair that suits your baby perfectly. I also love the addition of half sizes as well as medium to wide widths. I didn’t have a hard time choosing the right size, as these shoes are true to size.


  • These shoes are fast-drying.
  • Aside from being durable, they’re also lightweight.
  • There are so many fun designs to choose from.


  • They run a bit big.

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Stride Rite 360 Carson Sneakers


Stride Rite has an amazing collection of high-quality baby shoes, and the Stride Rite 360 Carson Sneakers are among the best for first walkers. Those who have bought these shoes said they’re a great option for babies who are learning how to walk. These baby shoes are designed to protect those precious little feet from accidents. The sole is soft and flexible, and the toe box is wide enough for most babies.  

Another thing that we’d love to highlight from these shoes is the fact that they’re low maintenance! They come with a washable top, so they’re completely machine washable. Just throw them into your washing machine and they’ll be clean instantly. What’s not to like about them? Learn more about them by visiting the official website!


  • These shoes can be used for both boys and girls.
  • I love how easy it is to clean these shoes as they’re machine washable.
  • Their durability is hard to beat.


  • They’re a little too small for some babies.

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See Kai Run Ryder FlexiRun Baby Shoes


Most Comfortable. Not including the See Kai Run Ryder FlexiRun Baby Shoes on this list is a crime! I love the rubber sole of these shoes, which is great for babies learning to walk. From my experience, these shoes allowed my baby to walk even on uneven ground without falling. Yes; the sole is white and can get dirty easily. However, cleaning it is a piece of cake so there’s nothing to worry about.

The highlight of these shoes has to be the knit upper! It’s not only flexible but also lightweight, breathable, and eco-friendly. On top of that, the knit shoe opening hugs the ankles comfortably, providing a snug fit. Best of all, these shoes are available in many different shades to choose from!


  • The FlexiRun sole is flexible and comfortable.
  • They’re designed by See Kai Run, one of the best brands for baby shoes.
  • They’re extremely lightweight.


  • Some people find them expensive.

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UGG Bixbee Ankle Boots


Best Boots. Perfect for winters and cold weather, the UGG Bixbee Ankle Boots are another highly recommended option! UGG has produced plenty of amazing boots, but this pair is their best shoes for baby to learn to walk. I think they’re the perfect option for babies as they come with a hook-and-loop closure that’s safe and easy to use. It can keep the shoes in place no matter what your baby is doing.

In addition to that, the fleece upper is unbelievably soft. That’s not all, as the interior is also comfortable. The sole is rough and durable but at the same time is also flexible. It provides enough traction, so your baby won’t fall easily when learning how to walk. The best part is that they’re machine washable! A win for parents! Take a closer look at these shoes by watching this video!


  • The material is ridiculously soft.
  • They’re available in several color options.
  • I’m so glad that they’re machine-washable


  • They’re only great for winters.

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Robeez First Kicks Baby Shoes


Most Adorable. The Robeez First Kicks Baby Shoes have to be some of the prettiest options on the market. Seen as the best shoes for early walkers by many parents, I really adore their ribbons! They make the shoes a lot more adorable for baby girls. Not to mention, they’re available in a wide array of fun colors. That way, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from.

In addition to that, the sole is nothing short of impressive. It grips the floor and allows babies to walk without falling. It’s also flexible and will bend with every single step. Better yet, they’re approved by APMA, which means they’re a great option to promote foot development.


  • I can’t help but fall in love with the design of these shoes.
  • All you need to clean it is a mild detergent and a damp cloth.
  • These shoes are available in a wide array of colors.


  • They’re a tad too small for babies with wide feet.

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Stride Rite Artie Shoes


This list won’t be the same without the Stride Rite Artie Shoes. These lovely shoes are available in an array of different styles and eye-catching patterns. Whether you love something more lowkey or an eye-catching pair, you’re surely going to find a pair that suits your baby’s preferences.

These walking shoes are made with babies’ comfort in mind. They’re specifically designed to cradle the natural shape of the feet, which is great for babies who are learning how to walk. Also, the rubber soles are durable and flexible. I also love the memory foam insoles, which are extremely comfortable. In addition to that, I find the adjustable hook and loop closure to be a breeze to use.


  • These shoes are available in tons of different sizes.
  • They’re designed to encourage natural movements.
  • They ensure easy on and off.


  • The Velcro strap isn’t the best.

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Keds Graham Baby Sneakers


Best Value for Money. I own a pair of Keds shoes, so it didn’t take me a long time to consider the Keds Graham Baby Sneakers. These canvas sneakers are available in many beautiful colors, though the most eye-catching one is the Red variant. However, the show-stealer has to be the rubber sole. It’s durable, anti-skid, and has a noise-reduction feature!

Furthermore, these shoes come with a cloud-like memory foam insole. It does an amazing job of keeping those tiny feet comfortable throughout the day. Additionally, I love the lacing system. Once tied up perfectly, the shoes will stay in place all day long. Finally, the rubber toe cap will protect the toes from impact.


  • These stylish shoes look timeless.
  • They’re available in wide sizes.
  • I love how lightweight and breathable these shoes are.


  • A bit too small for some babies.

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See Kai Run Stevie II First Walker Sneakers


Best Overall. The See Kai Run Stevie II First Walker Sneakers are easily the best shoes for a baby learning to walk. The name of the shoes says it itself! For us, the rubber outsole is the show stealer. It provides unmatched stability for babies learning to walk and traction as well as durability. Additionally, it won’t get dirty easily.

“The Stevie II has to be one of my best investments. These sneakers are extremely comfortable, and my baby never complains when he’s wearing them!”

– Keedoz

Additionally, I love that these shoes come with a big toe box, offering babies enough room for their feet. Not to mention, the adjustable hook-and-loop closure as well as the elastic laces promise a secure fit 24/7. Last but not least, these shoes are available in a wide array of fun colors to choose from!


  • These cute shoes are approved by APMA.
  • Aside from being comfortable, they’re also highly breathable.
  • I love how durable the rubber sole is.


  • According to some parents, the shoes are a bit too narrow for their babies. 

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Our Verdict!

All of the shoes above are nothing short of impressive. Our favorite, obviously, are the See Kai Run Stevie II First Walker Sneakers. Approved by APMA, they offer the best overall walking experience. However, the rest are also just as good, or maybe better in some categories. That’s why we’ve categorized them according to the following criteria:

How To Choose The Best Shoes for Early Walkers

When choosing the best shoes for a baby learning to walk, there are some important features that I always consider. They include:


One of the most important things to consider is the material of the baby shoes. I consider getting something with a soft leather or cloth upper that offers better breathability for those little toes. Stiff materials will only hinder the feet’s growth and development.


In addition to that, the shoes should also be flexible enough so they can allow natural movements. The sole should be flexible and make your baby feels like they’re walking barefoot.


Lastly, the shoes should have a reliable sole that provides good traction, preventing babies from slipping. Thankfully, all of our picks above come with non-skid soles and offer impressive traction.

What shoes are best for first walkers?

It depends on your baby’s needs and preferences. We highly recommend the See Kai Run Stevie II as they’re comfortable, flexible, lightweight, and protective. However, the rest are also worth getting!

When should I get my baby first walking shoes?

You should consider getting your baby a pair of walking shoes once they start to walk outdoors.

Why are some kids early walkers?

According to CBS News, early walkers are fearless babies! They’ll walk when they feel like it and don’t care about falling down.

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