13 Best Shoes for Baby

Watching my precious baby learn how to walk properly is one of my most treasured moments in life. I have a little boy that’s currently busy roaming around the house. Nonetheless, I’ve been looking for the best shoes for baby so he’ll have the perfect shoes for when he wants to walk outdoors. That said, there are a lot of amazing options on the market. Some of them are super stylish, and the rest go above and beyond to protect those little feet. After doing the research, we’ve compiled some of the best options available. Some of them I’ve just discovered, and some of them I already have as I have another older kid that has used them before. With this review, you don’t have to spend your money on something you’ll regret! So, why not read my review and consider getting a pair from the list below?

BMCiTYBM Baby Shoes


Kicking off this list are the BMCiTYBM Baby Shoes, a pair of adorable baby shoes with all the features my baby needs. First of all, these shoes are available in different sizes and are designed for 6 to 24-month babies. While I think the one below is the cutest, they’re still available in dozens of other designs, and some of them are more vibrant.

One of my favorite things about these shoes is their sock-like upper. It hugs the feet nicely and wraps around your baby’s ankles comfortably, just like the best socks for babies. In addition to that, the rubber soles are durable and non-slip, so your baby can walk around without falling. Best of all, the toe caps are an anti-collision addition that can protect those little feet from injuries.


  • The upper is highly breathable.
  • The knit collar is stretchy, promising a quick on and off.
  • They’re available in dozens of different designs.


  • The quality of the Velcro should be improved.

adidas Grand Court Baby Sneakers


I’m positive all babies will luke extra cute with the adidas Grand Court Baby Sneakers! Inspired by tennis, these shoes are built with comfort in mind. The lightweight cushioning makes the experience of wearing these shoes enjoyable. Also, these shoes use strap closure, which makes it easy to slide on and off.

As you can see on the official website, these shoes are available in a wide variety of sizes, including half sizes. This makes it easy to find the perfect size for your baby. Not to mention, they’re true to size! When it comes to the design, the Black and White combo is the safest bet. However, there are also other variants like the one with metallic stripes.


  • They’re designed by adidas, one of the biggest shoe brands in the world.
  • These shoes are available in many sizes.
  • The strap closure is extremely easy to use; perfect for babies.


  • They may be a bit too small for babies with wider feet.

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Stride Rite Elliot Leather Sneakers


Some of my favorite shoes for infants are the Stride Rite Elliot Leather Sneakers. They make my baby instantly chic and cool! Made of 100% leather, these sneakers are available in several different colors. I also think they look especially good with shorts or a dress! Don’t worry, though, as they still have all the features high-quality shoes should have.

These sneakers are designed to give babies a barefoot feeling. Additionally, the rubber sole is both durable and flexible. Meanwhile, the elastic laces keep the shoes in place, which is important for active babies. Better yet, they’re available in half sizes and a variety of different widths as well.


  • They’re among the most eye-catching options.
  • The leather material is easy to clean.
  • They’re extremely lightweight.


  • Some people might think they’re overpriced.

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Stride Rite Splash Athletic Sneakers


When I want to bring my baby to the pool area, I always let them wear the Stride Rite Splash Athletic Sneakers. These water shoes are everything a parent could ask for. They offer not only the much-needed durability but also protection that babies need when they’re walking on wet surfaces. What’s more, they’re surprisingly flexible.

Furthermore, these shoes are available in a wide variety of different designs. In addition, they also come in different sizes, including half sizes as well as medium to wide widths. I also love how easy it is to choose the right size, as they’re true to size.


  • These water shoes are fast-drying.
  • They’re lightweight and durable.
  • Plenty of different designs to choose from.


  • Not all variants are currently available.

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UGG Bixbee Ankle Boots


Best for Winter. When winter comes and you need something warm for your baby, consider getting the UGG Bixbee Ankle Boots! UGG has produced plenty of amazing boots, but this pair is the best one for new walkers. I think they’re the perfect option for babies as they come with a hook-and-loop closure that’s safe and easy to use. It can keep the shoes in place no matter what your baby is doing.

Meanwhile, the fleece upper is unbelievably soft. That’s not all, as the interior is also comfortable. Additionally, the sole is rough and durable but at the same time is also flexible. It provides enough traction, so your baby won’t fall easily when learning how to walk. Lastly, they’re machine washable!


  • The material of these shoes is ridiculously soft.
  • They’re available in several color options.
  • Keeping them clean is easy as they’re machine washable.


  • They’re mostly used in winter only.

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Native Shoes Jefferson Baby Sneakers


Best Waterproof. Compared to the other best shoes for baby, the Native Shoes Jefferson Baby Sneakers are rather unique. Unlike the rest, these shoes are waterproof! That’s because they’re made of EVA plastic. Hence, these shoes will never absorb water and are odor-resistant. Additionally, they’re also extremely durable, which is exactly what you want.

As you can see, these water shoes also come with perforation details, which allow them to be extra breathable. Meanwhile, the slip-on style allows you to put them on your baby in mere seconds. Finally, they’re available in countless different color options. I think the Bone White variant is the best, but feel free to opt for something more vibrant if you want!


  • These shoes are eco-friendly and vegan.
  • Because of the EVA material, they’re also lightweight.
  • They’re incredibly easy to clean.


  • You should keep in mind that they’re not the most flexible option.

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peggy piggy Baby Shoes


Best Budget. Who says we have to spend a lot on a reliable pair of shoes for babies? The peggy piggy Baby Shoes are the perfect budget option for those who don’t want to spend too much. These shoes come in a wide array of exciting colorways and can be used for both baby boys and girls. Aside from that, I also love how sturdy yet flexible the sole is.

Another thing that I love about these shoes is their multi-spandex upper. It’s soft and highly breathable. In addition to that, there’s also a built-in memory foam insole that makes the whole experience a lot better. You don’t have to change the insole after a few squeezes anymore!


  • These adorable shoes are lightweight and breathable.
  • They’re easy to put on and take off.
  • They’re cheap but don’t sacrifice quality.


  • According to some people, they run a tad big.

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Converse Kids’ Chuck Taylor All Star 2v Low Top Sneakers


Yes; Converse also makes some of the best shoes for baby! Enter the Converse Kids’ Chuck Taylor All Star 2v Low Top Sneakers! As with my Converse sneakers, these shoes come with a canvas upper that promotes amazing air circulation. No more stinky feet for your baby! In addition to that, they come with a hook-and-loop closure that keeps the shoes in place no matter what our baby is doing.

One of the shoes’ biggest selling points is its rubber sole. It helps babies find their balance a bit more easily. This makes the shoes a great choice for uneven ground. On top of that, these shoes are available in many different sizes. However, just like other Chuck Taylor for adults, they run a little bit big.


  • With soft foam cushioning, these shoes are extremely comfortable to wear.
  • The rubber sole is extremely durable.
  • These shoes are available in many different designs and sizes.


  • They run a little large.

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Stride Rite 360 Carson Sneakers


Stride Rite has an amazing collection of high-quality shoes for toddlers, and the Stride Rite 360 Carson Sneakers are some of them. While they have a lot to offer, what I think is their biggest strength is their low maintenance! With a washable top and flexible sole, these shoes are machine washable! Just throw them into your washing machine and they’ll be clean instantly.

Furthermore, these shoes are great for all activities. From walking to jumping, your baby’s feet will be fully protected at all times. Since they come with a removable insole, they can also be easily adjusted for babies with wide feet. I love these shoes, and I’m sure you also feel the same!


  • These shoes come in many different designs.
  • Unlike many others, these shoes are machine washable.
  • Their durability is hard to beat.


  • They’re a little too small for some babies.

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Freshly Picked Oxford Moccasins Shoes


Best Traction. When it comes to traction, the Freshly Picked Oxford Moccasins Shoes take the cake! These adorable shoes are more than just a pair of good-looking shoes. They’re designed with a rough and durable sole that offers better traction. It does a really good job of protecting my baby’s feet from harmful and sharp objects.

Furthermore, these shoes are made to give babies that barefoot feeling. They’re a great option if you want to introduce shoes to your baby. On top of that, these shoes don’t compromise safety. My baby’s little hands just can’t stop moving, and I have a feeling yours are as well. Luckily, the laces are hard to pull off, so the shoes will always stay in place no matter what.


  • The slip-on design makes it a breeze to put on these shoes.
  • They’re available in beautiful color options.
  • The fringe detail allows the shoes to be extra stylish.


  • Unfortunately, they’re not available in half sizes.

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See Kai Run Stevie II First Walker Sneakers


For babies who are learning to walk for the first time, the See Kai Run Stevie II First Walker Sneakers are a nice choice. The rubber outsole is the show stealer. It not only provides unmatched stability for babies learning to walk but also traction and durability. Also, it won’t get dirty easily, which is a huge plus for parents!

Also, I love how these baby walking shoes come with a generous toe box. There’ll always be enough room for my baby’s feet. Not to mention, the adjustable hook-and-loop closure as well as the elastic laces promise a secure fit 24/7. Last but not least, these shoes are available in a wide array of fun colors. The Blue Denim variant is my favorite, though, as it looks timeless! Don’t forget to read Mommy to Max’s review!


  • These shoes are APMA-approved.
  • They’re extremely comfortable and breathable.
  • The rubber sole is super durable.


  • They’re a little narrow for some babies.

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Stride Rite Artie Shoes


Many parents see the Stride Rite Artie Shoes as the best shoes on the market for their little ones, and I totally see why. As you can see on the official website, these lovely shoes are available in an array of different styles and eye-catching patterns. My favorite is the Navy variant, which you can see in the picture below. However, the rest, like the Truffle and Silver variants are also as good-looking.

These shoes are made with babies comfort in mind. They’re specifically designed to cradle the natural shape of the feet. The rubber soles are durable and flexible, and the memory foam insoles are to die for. In addition to that, I find the adjustable hook and loop closure to be a breeze to use.


  • There are so many sizes to choose from, perfect for infants and toddlers.
  • They’re designed to encourage natural movements.
  • It’s a breeze to put on and take off these shoes.


  • The quality of the Velcro straps can be improved.

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TSUKIHOSHI Racer Baby Shoes


Best Overall. Among all of the best shoes for infants, I think the TSUKIHOSHI Racer Baby Shoes are unbeatable. One of the main highlights of these shoes is their wide toe box. They allow babies to wear the shoes comfortably without hurting their toes. In addition to comfort, these shoes are also safe to use, as they’re slip-resistant and shock-absorbing.

“My baby boy loves these shoes a lot. They make him feel like he’s walking barefoot but with the protection he needs.”

– Keedoz

Based on my experience, putting on a pair of shoes for a baby’s feet can be a hassle. Thankfully, these shoes come with a huge hook-and-loop closure as well as elastic laces, which promise easy on and off. Additionally, the comfortable insoles are removable. So, if you want, you can use customized orthotics.


  • I love how these shoes provide sufficient arch support for babies.
  • The wide toe box means unmatched comfort.
  • Cleaning them is a breeze as they’re machine washable!


  • The soles are white, which can get dirty easily.

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Our Verdict!

Whether you have a baby boy or girl, I’m sure all of the shoes above have the potential to be your favorite pair. That said, my favorite is the TSUKIHOSHI Racer Baby Shoes. While they’re not the most popular, they have everything my baby needs, including arch support and protection. However, the rest are also equally amazing. I’ve categorized some of them according to the following criteria, so make sure to take a look!

How To Choose The Best Shoes for Babies

There are a few important things to consider when choosing the best baby shoes, which include:


One of the most important things to consider is the material of the baby shoes. I consider getting something with a soft leather or cloth upper that offers better breathability for those little toes. Stiff materials will only hinder the feet’s growth and development.


The shoes should also be flexible enough so they can allow natural movements. They should also make your baby feels like they’re walking barefoot.


Lastly, the shoes should have a reliable sole that provides good traction, preventing babies from slipping. Thankfully, all of our picks above come with non-skid soles and offer impressive traction.

What kind of footwear should babies wear?

Babies should wear footwear that’s flexible and allows natural foot movements. They shouldn’t be too tight and should also be lightweight.

When should babies start to wear shoes?

Normally, people will start letting their babies wear a pair of shoes once they’ve learned how to walk.

Are walking shoes good for babies?

Of course! High-quality baby shoes can promote healthy feet and also protect those small feet from unwanted injuries.

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